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Mercy Corps

Program Summary – 5By20
The 5By20 initiative is about addressing barriers that women entrepreneurs face while doing their business and by collaborating with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments and businesses, this project will break down the economic and social barriers that can prevent women’s success in business. It will provide business skills training, access to financial assets and services, and linkages to networks of peers and mentors.
1. Project Coordinator – 5By20
The 5by20 Project Coordinator will be responsible for all aspects of project implementation for the YMCI component of the 5by20 program in the target communities, including enhancing the current business skills modules, train the trainers, project socialization, intensive coordination with donor, partner implementation, assessment, and implementation of training/capacity building activities for target beneficiaries in coordination with local resources and others stakeholders.
·         5 years of field-based experience in financial and or business development program;
·         Has capacity as trainer and possess coaching skills within community;
·         Demonstrated experience and expertise in financial literacy and or business development training;
·         BA/S or equivalent in social science, management, accounting, international development or similar degree;
·         Track Record in working with Private Sectors, SME and Micro Enterprises;
·         Competent English language is a must.
2. Monitoring & Evaluation Officer – 5By20
The Monitoring and Evaluation Officer will be responsible to design the M&E log-frame in relate to achieve 5by20 KPIs set by Coca Cola Foundation.  Develop and plan the Baseline and Endline Survey to women TFS owners that have been recruited and selected to participate in 5by20 program. Design monitoring tools and schedule to fulfill capture necessary data for the purpose of weekly reporting to donor. He/she will be responsible for designing the profile database of the program beneficiaries and ensuring provision of updates on program achievements and program beneficiaries profile which follow the Coca Cola Foundation requirement.
·         Strong M&E background in corporate or economic development sector;
·         At least three years working in a professional setting and at least three years’ experience with monitoring and evaluation. Specific related to business development program is advantageous;
·         Experience working in community based level;
·         Computers skills with strong familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and database systems are required. Experienced with Project Management Software and Graphic Design Software  are advantageous;
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills and be comfortable dealing with senior (board) management level. 
·         Polished presentation, representation, listening skills plus excellent oral and written English essential.
3. Trainer – 5By20
The Trainer will be responsible to deliver the training and follow up with coaching session to women TFS owners participate in 5by20 program. Develop a train of trainer mechanism within potential champion amongst women participants and create possible mentor or peer mentor from those women. Capture the best learning and early adoption for the most effective methodology to motivate women participants in applying the skills into their business practice. Document all of feedback and response during the training and coaching activities.
He/she will be responsible for teaching the women how to improve and master their skills, motivate them during the coaching sessions and approachable for any questions or query raise during the program implementation.
·         Strong background for training and coaching experience;
·         More than 5 years working as professional trainer and at least 3 years’ experience as coach in specific business development program is advantageous;
·         Experience in training at community based level;
·         Computers skills with strong familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and database systems are required;
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills and be comfortable dealing with senior (board) management level; 
1. Program Officer – AgriPay
The Program Officer will be responsible for implementation of the overall project, including selection of MFI partners (focus on farmer group cooperatives and BPR which have minimum 3,000 farmer clients/members), designing the promotion and training strategies to reach 18,000 transactions, and developing the documentation of lessons learned and case studies. He/she will be responsible for overseeing performance on projects, as well as ensuring that a strong cross-learning and monitoring stream of activities is consistently applied.  He/she will be responsible for managing project budgets and developing project reports, as well as leading the overall development of program publications and events.
·         University degree in Economic, Banking, Finance or Agriculture Economic;
·         This position requires a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the private sector in the areas of Financial Services and experienced with payment services preferred;
·         Experience with training and marketing strategy development and knowledge management skill will be a plus;
·         Previous experience developing and implementing agriculture payment projects will be a plus;
·         Previous experience in gender projects will be a plus;
·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills and comfortable dealing with senior (board) management level; 
·         Polished presentation, representation and listening skills plus excellent oral and written English essential;
·         Very strong computer (MS Office) and organizational;
·         Fluency in both verbal and written English and Indonesian communication.
1. WASH Officer – Tanimbar Program
The WASH Officer will coordinate and manage all activities related to the WASH program in one village. He/She also will build strong working relationships to carry out program goals, with local Health Dinas, community leaders, and other government leaders, among other champions. He/She will carry out needs and opportunity assessment for WASH activities and also prepare designs, estimates and procurement documents. The WASH Officer will lead trainings in healthy hygiene behavior change and WASH facility construction, using designs prepared for in partnership with other WASH experts, to benefit local champions and other local leaders who can influence healthy behaviors of the community.
  • Candidate from Maluku Province or Tanimbar, highly preferred;
  • A minimum of Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, Public Health, Environmental Science/Hydrology, Development or related degree;
  • Minimum 3-4 years of experience in managing and coordinating WASH projects by mobilizing the community;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English highly preferred.
2. Market Development Specialist – Tanimbar Program
Market Development Specialist will assist with developing the market for solar power by:
a. Connecting local vendors/distributors to reputable suppliers.
b.Engaging a financing provider who is also capable of financial literacy training to provide access to loans.
c. Ensuring that one or more entities are responsible for ongoing maintenance of solar products.
d. Exploring the use of a seed capital fund for vendors/distributors interested in solar product purchasing.
e. Marketing solar products to consumers to build market demand through creative channels social marketing, media, and other methods.
He/She also will build strong working relationships to carry out program goals, with local business, community, religious and government leaders, among other champions, manage an external consultant in the development of a solar power marketing strategy, engage community in better understanding that values and costs of solar products to build market demand, and engage other solar power providers to coordinate efforts.
These positions will be hired as temporary staff for 6 months
Please send your CV with position applied on the email subject to:  (not more than 1 MB)
Vacancy will be closed 6 October 2013 and only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview.

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