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Tanoto Foundation

Tanoto Foundation( is a not-for-profit foundation which strives to be a center of excellence for facilitating and improving access to quality educationand to empowerment opportunities that contribute to poverty reduction. The Foundation currently runs a number of philanthropic programs in Indonesia ranging from scholarship, teachers training, school improvement programs, research support, to small business development. Tanoto Foundation is currently looking  for Data Management Specialist and Senior Program Officer. Please find details for both positions below.
Data Management Specialist (Jakarta based)
To assist M&E Coordinator to manage data and to ensure improved measurement and reporting of impacts achieved through TF programs and CD/CSR programs of affiliated corporations.
More focus in database management, application development and reporting to other unit/users.
Immediate goals :
  • To complete and able to maintain all Tanoto Foundation database
  • To develop new applications and improve the existing  applications for data processing
  • To produce analysis reports of existing database
Primary responsibilities will include:
  • Design an M&E database (or M&E data management system) for the project, including input entry forms, and systems to filter/separate data on the central, provincial and district levels;
  • Generate reports as needed, based on data in M&E system
  • Develop M&E instruments for specific projects.
    Other duties:
  • Maintain and update project data management system, inputting new information gathered at provincial and district level
  • Reviewing with M&E Coordinator, all project objectives, benchmarks, indicators, and measurement tools
  • Designing specifications and system for all databases and monitoring an evaluation tools to be integrated into the performance monitoring systems;
  • Managing data collected for performance monitoring systems, incorporating inputs from all project component and activities
  • Manage the development, design, and implementation of program activities, as necessary
  • Conduct training for staff on M&E subjects;
  • Reporting and application development
    Requirements :
  • Knowledge in M&E, experience in data management and data analysis
  • Computer literate
  • S1 in Information Management, Computer Science or Relevant Field
  • Basic understanding of corporate social responsibility principles is important for this position.
  • At least 3 (three) years of specific data management experience
  • Advanced in the use of Microsoft Access (especially Excel, Access and MySQL), possibly SPSS Software, web based programming and multimedia software
  • a familiarity with training assistance, knowledge of program design and development
Senior Program Officer (Jakarta based)
Senior Program Officer is a mid-level position in the Foundation.  The position is responsible for a wide range of duties (program management and program support) and has multiple reporting lines.  The range of tasks requires the application of both conceptual thinking and operational capability.
Job Challenge :
  • Completing hand over from officer who left the position
  • Finalizing the special initiative  at Akpol (library construction)
  • Familiarity with scholars capacity building practice & TF social capital strategy
    Job Description :
    Program Management:
  1. Lead the implementation and administration of special initiative: special scholarship, partnership projects, grants and donation projects.
  2. Lead the design, preparation and implementation of various training and enrichment activities for scholarship recipients.
  3. Mentor the Tanoto Scholars in engaging community service
  4. Monitor performance of Tanoto Scholars, including but not limited to the participation in Tanoto Scholar Association activities and TF activities/projects, and working with M&E unit to assess impact of non financial support to Tanoto Scholars
  5. Design, prepare & organize alumnae project including working with M&E for Alumnae database management.
  6. Lead the preparation, implementation and administration of the Foundation’s new or special initiatives as directed by Management.
  7. Produce project reports, project documentation, and project communications materials.
  8. Review project designs and provide improvement inputs to Foundation’s management.
Program Support:
  1. Liaising with stakeholders (Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Higher Education and Research, and other government agencies, civil society organizations focusing on education) and with program partners (Consultants, Service Providers);
  2. Organize discussion for that support the Foundation’s programs, and represent the Foundation in discussion for initiated by partners.
Requirements :
  • Demonstrated ability to multitask and to meet tight deadlines
  • Demonstrated ability to work at both conceptual and operational levels
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • Minimum of 5 years working experience in NGO or national organizations
  • Prior experience in program management or grants management
  • Good computer skills (MS Office)
Please read the requirements in detail.
Should you meet the above requirements and interested to apply, email your comprehensive resume to: 

Only qualified candidates will be contacted.

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