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Planète Urgence

                     Term of Reference

Location       : Samarinda, East Kalimantan
Closing date : 1st of February 2016

Planète Urgence, founded in 2000 around the principle of "Solidarity Leave", is a French non-profit organization which encourages companies, local governmental institutions as well as citizens to act in support of projects designed and managed by local actors around the world for the development of southern populations.
The E&D program (Environment and Development) of Planète Urgence is implemented in 4 countries ( Mali , Haiti , Madagascar and Indonesia ). It aims at supporting the development of local communities by taking measures for environmental protection and restoration, as well as sustainable economic growth. In Indonesia , Planète Urgence is present in the Mahakam Delta ( East Kalimantan province). With its partner Yayasan Mangrove Lestari (YML), Planète Urgence implements the MADIMAP project (Mahakam Delta Integrated Management Program) which focuses on the rehabilitation and management of mangroves ecosystems as well as on the development of local communities, through sustainable aquaculture and diversification of income-generating activities for the villages (in 3 villages of the delta).
The Solidarity Leave program is a volunteerism-based program. It aims to support and empower local communities and promote environmental protection by sharing know-how, training and technical support in 22 countries. Delivered in the frame of adult training, educational support for children and capacity building for scientific teams working to understand and protect biodiversity, the partners of Planète Urgence are collaborating to offer skilled individuals the opportunity to get involved following a request by a local organization as part of a short-term placement (2-4 weeks).
Planète Urgence Indonesia is looking for a Field Coordinator to support the implementation of the MADIMAP project and develop the Solidarity Leave program program in Indonesia.
Based in Samarinda (East Kalimantan Province), the Field Coordinator will be the right-hand person of the national representative of Planète Urgence in Indonesia and will be placed under her responsibility.
The Field Coordinator will be an operational actor directly involved in the implementation of the MADIMAP project and the Solidarity Leave program. He/she will show good organizational, management and capacity-building skills. In support of the national representative of Planète Urgence, his/her role will also be to strengthen the skills and capabilities of the YML association, partner of Planète Urgence on this project and which consists of 8 project staff.
Fully autonomous in his/her work, the Field Coordinator will assist the national representative of Planète Urgence, when necessary, in representing the association, raising funds or managing the delegation (especially during the absence of the national representative of the project area).
Main tasks of the Field Coordinator in the management of the MADIMAP project (80%):
·         Technically and operationally:
Assist YML in programming, implementing and monitoring the MADIMAP project, in accordance with the objectives, schedule and activities defined in the project documents established by Planète Urgence:
§  Support the setting-up, updating and respect of the work schedule;
§  Support the development and/or improvement of the project monitoring tools;
§  Support the implementation and daily monitoring of the project activities in the field by drafting and/or revising the technical processes and procedures for the implementation of the activities, monitoring the work progress, etc.;
§  Run the project steering meetings;
§  Support YML to develop the regular project narrative and financial report.
Support and strengthen the technical and project management skills of YML:
§  Support YML to develop and implement the capacity-building planning;
§  When necessary, coach and train YML staffs on specific skills;
§  Support YML to assess and evaluate the staff technical and project management capacities.
Participate in the definition and drafting of the procedures and technical processes related to:
§  Reforestation/management of the mangrove ecosystems;
§  Aquaculture;
§  Awareness-raising of local populations;
§  Diversification of income generating activities;
§  Microcredit management
- In cooperation with the national representative of Planète Urgence, facilitate the working relationship between the project holders (Planète Urgence and YML) and their institutional and/or technical partners, particularly through the implementation of operational and technical synergies as well as the organization and active participation in meetings and work sessions.
Report on the project activities to the national representative of Planète Urgence by conveying reliable and regular information, through:
§  Updating Planète Urgence’s internal databases tracking activities/monitoring on reforestation, aquaculture and microcredit;
§  Analyzing the project data;
§  Reporting on the activities progress regularly (on a weekly and monthly basis);
§  Taking the minutes meeting.
Main tasks of the Field Coordinator in the implementation of the Solidarity Leave program (15%):
Support the development of the Solidarity Leave program:
§  Development: prospection of new partners, creation of the related documents (project form, mission preparation form, budget, mission report...)
§  Set up the missions of the volunteers on the field within YML and other partners (logistics, follow up of the missions, communication between headquarters and local partners, etc.).
Other tasks (5%):
- Participate in the general functioning of the delegation of Planète Urgence in Indonesia , especially in the absence of its national representative:
§  Assist in the translation of internal and external documents (Indonesian to English and vice-versa);
§  Occasionally represent Planète Urgence towards local stakeholders and technical partners of the project;
§  Support fund-raising activities by helping the national representative of Planète Urgence in drafting project proposals.
- Assist the national representative of Planète Urgence with any other activity related to the successful implementation of the project (which could lead to a delegation of authority).
- In-depth knowledge and experience of project cycle management processes and project monitoring tools (logical framework, budget tracking, etc.);
- Proficiency in Bahasa Indonesia and English (mandatory);
- Excellent command of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook);
- Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems ArcView / ArvGIS would be appreciated;
- Strong organizational and planning skills;
- Ability to be proactive and take initiatives;
Technical skills related to the conservation/restoration of mangroves, aquaculture and sustainable management of key ecosystems would be a plus.
- Diploma in project development/management and/or forestry/aquaculture/geography/land management required;
- Minimum 2 years experience required in project management;
- Experience in the field of international cooperation;
- Experience in capacity-building;
- Experience in terms of mangrove ecology, ecosystem management, sustainable aquaculture and/or community development would be a plus;
- Consultant contract;
- A 13th month payment is given;
- Work hours: 35 hours per week from Mondays to Fridays with occasional work over week-ends;
- 2 days leave per month
TIMEFRAME: March-December 2016
Contact:           Please send resume and cover letter emphasizing on the required knowledge and skills, as well as one or two letters of recommendation/contact details of previous employers to 
                        Haryanti SUNARTA, e-mail:
Under the reference: "Field Coordinator"

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