Kamis, 18 Februari 2016


Cardno Emerging Markets manages a diverse portfolio of education projects across the Asia–Pacific region. The Government of Australia is supporting Tim Nasional Percepatan Penanggulangan Kemiskinan (TNP2K), a policy think tank to improve the quality and effectiveness of Indonesia's poverty reduction programs that reach millions of poor Indonesians, under a program called MAHKOTA - Menuju Masyarakat Indonesia Yang Kokoh Sejahtera (Towards a Strong and Prosperous Indonesian Society). MAHKOTA is a flexible facility administered by Cardno.

Cardno is seeking the following positions to assist TNP2K. For further information and apply for this job, please click on the link next to the Job tittle. 

Government Liaison Project Officer http://www.cardno.com/en-au/Careers/Pages/2278028.aspx
Legal and Governance Specialist http://www.cardno.com/en-au/Careers/Pages/2278062.aspx
HR Manager KIAT Guru http://www.cardno.com/en-au/Careers/Pages/2278043.aspx
Administration Assistant -TNP2K http://www.cardno.com/en-au/Careers/Pages/2278000.aspx
Communication Support Assistant http://www.cardno.com/en-au/Careers/Pages/2277972.aspx

*** Applications close 5.00pm (local time), Wednesday, 2 March 2016***

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