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Prime Cookstoves

Prime Cookstoves is a company established by Differ and Dr. M. Nurhuda in 2013. Our main mission is to make clean and efficient cookstoves attractive and affordable for the poor. We do this by - developing highly efficient and clean cookstoves to affordable prices - involving along the value chain from manufacturing to wholesale, to cut costs and ensure timely delivery - investing in local distribution and retail partners, or engaging directly in retail if it makes sense locally - bundling production & sales of stoves and sustainable fuel if it makes sense locally - using carbon and other financing if needed to ensure consumers are willing and able to pay - targeting geographical niches that are underserved today, primarily West Africa and Southeast Asia Today, Prime’s wholesales operations are based in Oslo, Norway whilst manufacturing is based in Malang, Indonesia. Part of our strategy is to improve operations and scale-up sales by establishing
Prime’s regional head office in Indonesia. The regional head office will initially manage wholesale and logistics of Prime cookstoves to customers in both Asia and Africa, and potentially also be in charge of manufacturing. 

Job description
Prime Cookstoves is now looking for a wholesales and logistics manager for our future regional head office in Indonesia. The overall objectives of the position are to i) develop a wholesales model to sell stoves at scale globally, and ii) develop a logistics process to ensure cost efficient, timely and correct delivery of Prime Cookstoves to customers and distribution partners in Asia and Africa, including Indonesia. The position will be of a dynamic character and require flexibility and determination from the successful candidate. As the regional head office is currently being established, the wholesales and logistics manager will have the opportunity to have significant influence on the business models and processes.
Tasks include
-Wholesaling of Prime Cookstoves for customers and distribution partners in Asia and Africa, commonly project developers, local distributors or government/international agencies
-Developing an efficient logistics and wholesales system for Prime Cookstoves in Indonesia and for exports to Africa and other countries in Asia
-Streamlining and continuously improving manufacturing and purchasing processes with an eye to both cost and quality
-Establish appropriate product quality standards and QA-routines
-Negotiate and continuously improve commercial terms and quality of input factors to the production
-Assessing the potential to establish new, Prime-owned manufacturing facilities 
-Customer support and after-sales follow-up
-Quarterly reporting to Prime Cookstoves’ BOD
-Close collaboration with Indonesian technology developers and Prime Cookstoves’ BOD
-Some travelling should be expected.

-Relevant university degree (Business, logistics, sales, process management, production planning or other)
-Documented relevant achievements and/or experience from logistics and wholesale distribution,  relevant logistics systems, as well as management and sales
-Work experience from manufacturing facilities, for example factory manager, team leader etc.
-Experience with operational & financial management, including accounting
-Experience with imports/exports
-Some experience from/interaction with R&D is preferred
-Determination and entrepreneurship 
-Self-motivated and goal-oriented
-Ability to work in an international and interdisciplinary environment
-Excellent writing and communication skills
-Fluency in Bahasa and English
Salary: We offer competitive salaries for the right person
Start date: October 2013
Place of work: Malang, Indonesia (could change over time)
Web: www.primestoves.com
Applications and questions should be emailed to: camilla.fulland@primestoves.com
Application deadline: August 15 2013
Interviews:  Scheduled for end of August-beginning of September in Indonesia

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