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VSO Indonesia’s IndoVols programme.
Looking for a life-changing experienceas a VSO Volunteer? An opportunity to make your CV and professional skills more international? Or a chance to use your skills and experience to fight poverty in less developed countries?
Then VSO Indonesia’s IndoVols programme just might be the answer for you. It’s not easy; it’s a highly competitive selection process and needs a commitment to volunteering in another country for a year or ore. But it will change your life, forever.
Picture yourself improving health and education systems in Africa and Asia; improving the capacity of teachers and health workers to deliver better services to more people, particularly people excluded by gender, ethnicity or simply a lack of money.
Picture yourself working with least advantaged people in improving their chances to get a job or to start their own business or to better claim their basic rights. 
Picture yourself living a simple life, working in a community that really values you and the skills you have to share.
Do you think you can do it?
VSO is the world’s largest development organisation that works through volunteers. We send hundreds of talented people every year to less-developed countries in Africa and Asia. This year, we’ll send more than 1,000 people from our recruitment bases around the world.
Volunteering gives them invaluable professional experience, a wealth of memories, and a whole new perspective on life.
•  Indonesian residents
•  Between 25 to 65 years old
•  Fluent in English (written and oral) and willing to learn other languages
•  Minimum 3 years’ solid experience in one of the area of expertise*)
•  Formal university degree
•  Physically and mentally fit
•  Can live and work in a developing country for up to 1 or  2 years
•  Can live on a modest living allowance
•  Able to go abroad starting December2013
*) Example of area of expertise:
•   Community and social development
•   Education
•   Engineering and technical
•   Health
•   Management, business and IT
•   Agriculture and natural resources management
Find out more about how to apply here: http://www.vsoindonesia.org/volunteer/apply/apply-for-the-indovols-programme  

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