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Terms of Reference – Disaster Management Specialist,
 Australia-Indonesia Facility for Disaster Reduction
The Indonesian Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), established in 2008, is mandated under the National Disaster Management Law No. 24, 2007, to coordinate disaster management across Indonesia from disaster risk reduction (DRR) and preparedness, disaster response, and disaster recovery and reconstruction.
The Australia-Indonesia Facility for Disaster Reduction (AIFDR) was launched in 2009 and is a five-year bilateral partnership focusing on supporting the disaster management and disaster risk reduction program in Indonesia.
A position currently exists for a Disaster Management Specialistto be based at AIFDR as part of the Risk and Vulnerability (R&V) team to assist in the future direction and implementation of the AIFDR open source software solution for disaster management (such as InaSAFE). The role will also include close collaboration with Indonesian Disaster Management Agency or BadanNasionalPenanggulanganBencana (BNPB). We are inviting dynamic and experienced professionals to apply for this specialist position.
This package of information is intended to help potential applicants to understand the work of the BNPB and AIFDR and to, understand what is involved in the role and to help you make an informed decision to apply.
The package provides applicants with information on how to apply and what information the Selection Committee will be looking for to help them make the best selection decision.
About BNPB
The Indonesian Disaster Management Agency orBadanNasionalPenanggulanganBencana (BNPB) was inaugurated by presidential decree in 2008 and established as the key national disaster management agency responsible for coordinating and implementing pre-disaster, response and post disaster activities in line with the 2007 National Disaster Management Law No.24.
BNPB is headed by a chairman who reports directly to the Indonesian President. The agency consists of four key divisions each headed by a deputy – 1) Prevention and Preparedness; 2) Emergency Management; 3) Reconstruction and Rehabilitation; 4) Logistics and Equipment.
BNPB’s mission is to:
1.       Protect the nation from disasters through risk reduction
2.       Develop a professional disaster management system
3.       Implement disaster management in a planned, integrated, coordinated and comprehensive manner.
As a consequence of growing populations, rapid urbanisation and weather extremes, the number and severity of disasters is increasing in Asia. Issues of climate change, urbanisation, poor land-use planning and tension over access to resources, combine to increase the impact of disasters – and the risk of cascading events. Disaster reduction shifts effort from reactively responding to the humanitarian consequences of disasters to a strategic and cost effective focus on reducing vulnerabilities before an event and facilitating recovery. Reducing disasters, limiting the impact of those that do occur and better equipping countries to self-manage events will save lives; decrease burgeoning response costs and empower communities. As well, a country that has adopted a disaster reduction approach will be better able to lead and manage external assistance should it be requested.
As a response to these issues, the Governments of Australia and Indonesia jointly established the AIFDR in Jakarta in November of 2008. The AIFDR is a five year program that aims to strengthen national and local capacity in disaster management in Indonesia and contribute to a more disaster resilient region. As a partnership, the AIFDR is managed by two Co-Directors from the Australian Overseas Aid Program (AusAID) and the Indonesian National Emergency Management Agency (BNPB).
The Facility undertakes activities in four program areas
1.       Training and Outreach (T&O),
2.       Risk and Vulnerability (R&V)and,
3.       Partnerships
4.       Corporate and Operational.
Further information can also be found on the BNPB and AIFDR websites:
Objective of the Position:
Support AIFDR’s Risk and Vulnerability Team to review, implement and derive the future direction of the open source software solution for disaster management (such as InaSAFE).  The position will be based at the AIFDR office, MenaraThamrin suite 1505.
Job Description:
Disaster Management Specialist is a technical consultant who will be based atAIFDRThe position will be joining a diverse team of scientist, GIS specialists and software engineers and with report to the Geoscience Australia Spatial Data AnalystThe management of this position, from recruitment to mobilization, initial induction, and day-to-day support during the placement will be AIFDR’s responsibility.

Disaster Management Specialist will be required to assist the R&V and T&O team in reviewing the full suite of AIFDR disaster management technological solutions (OpenStreetMap, QGIS and InaSAFE); including usability of the tools, training materials and their implementation in the field. Building from this review the Disaster Management specialist will continue to assist the InaSAFE program, by taking a leading role in ensuring that the InaSAFE tool kit meets the needs of disaster managers into the future.
Disaster Management Specialist will:
·         Report to the Geoscience Australia Spatial Analyst.
·         Develop a workplan by the end of the first month.
Roles and Responsibilities:
The roles and responsibilities of the Disaster Management Specialist covers:
·         Support AIFDR to develop and implement open source disaster management tools;
o   Review  the current tools (OpenStreetMap, QGIS and InaSAFE); usability, training materials and implementation
o   Report issues, request enhancements and work with developers to ensure issues and enhancement are addressed
o   Liaise with national and local disaster managers on their priorities for disaster management tools and work with them to develop case studies – for InaSAFE or other Open Source Solutions
o   Work with the R&Vand T&Oteams and partners to deploy the tool in AIFDR priority provinces.
o   Champion the InaSAFE program by publicizing with stakeholders and presenting at local and potentially international conferences.
·         Consultation with BNPB and BPBDs as well as other relevant stakeholders, to develop a sustainability strategy for InaSAFE.
·         Maintain networks with DRR stakeholders in Indonesia and report on DRR activities;
·         Support the implementation of BNPB's disaster management policies, strategies and practices through  the use of the InaSAFE tool kit where appropriate.
·         Review of technical training materials, advice on certification of trainers, guide in the development of a database for trainers.
·         Assist in monitoring DRR activities being implemented at the national and sub-national level by both government and non-government partners, and devise ways on how the InaSAFE tool kit can assist their programs;
    • Work closely with other AIFDR and BNPB staff where appropriate.
    • Other activities as directed
    Terms of Employment
    TheDisaster Management Specialistwill have an initial appointment until end of June 2014.A possible extension will be provided based on performance review and the future requirements of AIFDR.
    The position will be based in AIFDR offices located in Jakarta. Travel will be required within Indonesia and potentially the Asia Pacific Region and internationally.
    The Selection Criteria
    Essential Criteria:
      • At least 5 years’ experience in the Disaster Risk Reduction/DisasterManagement sector.
      • Demonstrated networks with donor, INGO and NGO stakeholders in Indonesia.
      • Demonstrated understanding of the Indonesian and international DisasterRisk Reduction context.
      • Experience with natural hazard impact analysis and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)
      • Experience in community development in Indonesia and a demonstrated understanding of community-based disaster management principles.
      • An understanding of national and international policies / regulations / &procedure in Disaster Management including cross cutting issues such as gender, child protection.
      • A good understanding of accountability and project/program management.
      • Strong communication skills including fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.
      • Demonstrated experience working with Indonesian government.
      • Willing to work hard and possess a high level of professional integrity.
      Desirable Criteria:
      1.       Experienced in facilitating stakeholder engagement.
      2.       Experience is training technical applications
      3.       Tertiary education in Geological or Meteorological Science or GIS
      4.       Experience in building technological solutions
      5.       Experience with OpenStreetMap data

      An Application Letter together with the applicant’s CV must be sent by 21 November 2013 to hrhklogistics@yahoo.com.

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