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Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant : Kinerja Papua
Social Impact (SI) is a global social enterprise dedicated to helping international agencies, civil society and governments become more effective agents of positive social and economic change.  A small woman-owned business, SI was founded in 1996 to respond to a growing global desire and pressure to make international development more effective in improving people's lives. SI's clients include public and private aid agencies, civil society organizations and governments at various levels.
SI provides a full range of innovative management consulting, technical assistance and training services to strengthen international development programs, organizations and personnel. SI works across sectors to reduce poverty; improve health, education and the lives of women and children; promote peace and democratic governance; strengthen civil society; foster economic growth; and protect the environment.
The Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant for Papua will support a USAID democracy and governance activity in Papua, Indonesia. The project aims to contribute to the improved delivery of public health services (especially related to tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and maternal and child health) in Papua by strengthening health sector management and good governance, including increased participation, accountability, and access to information. The Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant for Papua will be based in Jayapura, Papua for the entirety of the contract and will be primarily responsible for the collection of evidence related to the Kinerja Papua Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (PMEP).
Report directly to the M&E Team Leader. Work directly with the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist for Papua by providing administrative and technical support.
Responsibilities of the Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant:
·         Collect KINERJA Papua-related performance data on a consistent basis. This includes:
-   collection of supporting documents noted in the online and offline reporting system
-   collection of supporting documents from implementing partners that have been unable to submit data via the developed K2 online and offline reporting tool, via field visits
-   collection of supporting documents from Kinerja staff if data was submitted to them from the implementing partner instead of the M&E team
·         Ensure that all data collected by other KINERJA partners meets minimum quality standards according to USAID’s five standards of data quality.
·         Coordinate with the M&E Specialist; send collected data to the M&E Specialist on a monthly basis, participate in weekly skype call with Specialist and Team Leader regarding data priorities, report challenges faced in the Kinerja Papua districts
·         Assist the M&E Specialist in reviewing grantee monthly reports, as needed
·         Undertake field travel in support of Kinerja Papua, in the form of field visits on a quarterly basis. The Assistant will travel to each of the Kinerja Papua districts at least once per month.
-   Two districts require air travel (Jayawijaya and Mimika) (2 districts X 4 quarters = 8 trips in FY 2014)
-   Two districts require car travel (Kota Jayapura and Jayapura) (2 districts X 4 quarters = 8 trips in FY 2014)
Field visits include:
-   Collection of data supporting current quarter activities
-   Verification of data reported in the previous quarter
-   Facilitation of technical assistance and reporting mentoring for Kinerja partners and IOs regarding the online and offline reporting system during field visits.
-   Facilitation of M&E capacity building training for Kinerja partners and IOs, supporting by the M&E Specialist
·         Provide support for the M&E Specialist and Team Leader during any Papua-based travel or work
·         Support quantitative and qualitative data collection efforts in relation to the Customer Satisfaction Survey and other Kinerja-Papua related studies, as needed
·         Minimum 1 year of experience in monitoring and evaluation or quantitative/qualitative field research
·         Experience in data collection
·         B.A. or B.S. degree in related field such as statistics, quantitative methods, or political science;
·         Strong team working and client relationship skills
·         Demonstrated ability to write clear and concise technical documents
·         Demonstrated familiarity with research methods
·         Fluency in Bahasa Indonesian required; fluency in English desirable 

Qualified applicants should send an updated CV and Cover Letter (in English) to FShintarianti@socialimpact.com (fshintarianti at socialimpact dot com).

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