Jumat, 08 November 2013


Implementing Organisation for AIPJ Program on
Realising Rights: Ensuring Access on Legal Identity in Indonesia
The Australian Indonesia Partnership for Justice (‘AIPJ’) is a bilateral program of assistance aimed at helping Indonesians, in particular women who are poor, vulnerable children and people with disabilities, realise their rights to legal identity, legal information and fair and accessible justice services. 
Legal Identity Program
The Legal Identity Program aims to help women and children, especially the most vulnerable, to receive legal identity documents in the form of birth certificates, marriage certificates or divorce certificates. These legal identity documents are essential for women, children and people with disability to access public services, including social assistance programs.
SUSENAS data from 2011 show that 35% of children do not possess a birth certificate and this rises to 66% of children in rural areas without a birth certificate. The number of children without a birth certificate in Indonesia is estimated to be almost 30 million. A study conducted by PEKKA, the Family Court of Australia & AusAID in 2009 shows that less than 50% of vulnerable women heads of household have legal documentation for their marriage. Birth certificates and marriage/divorce certificates for women and children affect whether they can have access to basic rights and services. The links between marriage certificate and birth certificate are substantial as marriage certificate are a requirement for children being able to obtain birth certificates.
AIPJ is seeking an organisation to work with the Legal Identity Program to:
1.       Achieve the Legal Identity End of Program Outcome (EOPO);
2.       Implement a range of activities to improve access to legal identity documents for women who are poor, vulnerable children and people with disability.
Application Information and Process
Complete information on requirement, process and how to submit documents for the Expression of Interest. Please visit www.aipj.or.id/opportunities and download all the required documents.
Selection will be on a two-step basis. AIPJ invites applicants to submit Expression of Interest applications by 5pm Monday, 21 November 2013. Those applicants successful in the Expression of Interest stage will be invited to submit full proposals.

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