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Grants and Contracts Manager
Project Summary:
The objective of SIAP-1 is to contribute to good governance in Indonesia by strengthening integrityand accountability in government  principally at the national level. It will do this by supporting governmental and non-governmental efforts to strengthen integrity and accountability. Two major components of SIAP-1 are:
1. Supporting efforts by key accountability agencies such as the Corruption Eradication Commission(KPK) and the Supreme Audit Body (BPK) to strengthen integrity and accountability in government.
2. Supporting efforts to strengthen political integrity and accountability by reducing the influence ofmoney politics.” This will include support for efforts to strengthen the fair regulation of political finance and effective oversight and enforcement.

Position Summary:
The Grants Manager will report directly to the Senior Project Manager (SPM) and work cooperatively with the other SIAP-1 employees, including the Chief of Party (COP) to ensure successful performance of theStrengthening Integrity and Accountability Program-1 as detailed in the Project Description of the Cooperative Agreement with USAID.
·         Coordinate the grant and subcontract program processes and serve as a prime contact for grantees and subcontractors.
·         Disseminate grant and subcontract program announcements and collect applications and proposals.
·         Organize, coordinate and participate in the administrative and technical evaluation process of applications for grants and subcontracts, including documents prepared for the Evaluation Committee.
·         On behalf of SIAP-1, review and negotiate with grant and subcontract applicants on proposed budgets.
·         In coordination with the Technical Lead, assist the grant and subcontract candidates to finalize scopes of work and work plans.
·         Review and ensure compliance of all documents included in the application for a grant or subcontract.
·         Properly document all procedures and communication with grantees and subcontractors.
·         Monitor implementation of the grant projects:
a.       develop and regularly revise monitoring schedules;
b.      conduct regular site visits for monitoring and evaluation purposes;
c.       attend events organized by grant and subcontract recipients;
d.      collect and review reports and deliverables submitted by grant and subcontract recipients
e.       document results of grants and subcontract performance monitoring and evaluation
f.       report regularly to the , SPM, COP and MSI/HQ on implementation of the grant program.
·         Conduct training for grant and subcontract applicants and recipients on proposal writing and management of grants and subcontracts.
·         Collect, review and report on cost-share contributions submitted by grant recipients.
·         Provide the Program Manager/Anticorruption Specialist and the Money Politics Coordinator with information about results and success stories collected through regular communication with grant recipients, site visits, and reports and deliverables submitted by grant recipients.
·         Develop and maintain grantee and subcontractor activity calendar and provide the M&E specialist with information for SIAP-1 performance reports and calendar.
·         File and ensure presence of all grant and subcontract documents including, but not limited to application for a grant, evaluation documents, certificates, grant agreement and any amendments, technical reports, deliverables, financial and cost-share reports.
·         Contribute to the annual PMEPs in coordination with the Project’s M&E Manager and MSI/HQ.
·         Manage the collection of data for the PMEP related to the grants and subcontracts program, and generate appropriate databases.
·         Prepare quarterly, annual and final reports regarding the grants and subcontracts program, including analyses of measurable accomplishments against activities conducted and program objectives.
·         Provide continuous technical assistance to all grantees and subcontractors in implementing their PMEPs.
·         Supervise the Grants Officer and Grants Assistant on a day-to-day activities.
·         Delegate tasks to the Grants Officer and Grants Assistant, as appropriate.
·         Carry out and/or participate in other activities as requested or assigned by the SPM, COP and MSI/HQ.


·         A bachelor’s degree in community development, management, or a related field.
·         At least seven years of previous experience in a USAID or similar donor sponsored development project as a grants manager with significant experience developing, managing, and reporting on grants.
·         Experience working on Fixed Obligation Grants, highly desired.
·         Previous experience training and supporting local civil society and/or non-governmental organizations, desired.
·         Strong public presentation and project report writing skills.
·         Strong spoken and written English language skills.
·         Willingness to travel as necessary throughout Indonesia

Application should include a cover letter, CV (including three references) and contact number by  14 November 2013, at the latest.
Please send applications to hong@msi-siap.com. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

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