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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. Green Economy and Locally Appropiate Mitigation in Indonesia (GE-LAMA-I) is a joint program by the National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS) and GIZ. In implementing this development cooperation project, GIZ is collaborating with the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) on behalf of the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety(BMUB). GE-LAMA-I supports the commitment of the Indonesian government mitigating climate change in land based sector by strengthening the sub-national governments (particularly districts) to plan and monitor green economy development (which include low carbon development objectives) and to develop four locally appropriate mitigation actions (LAMA) that have the potential to be scaled up to national level (NAMA).

GE-LAMA-I works in six districts in two provinces i.e. East Kalimantan and Central Java, which is structured into three work packages which are closely interlinked:
·         Work Package 1: to develop policies at national and sub-nationals to support LAMA/NAMA development and green economy planning, mainstreaming and monitoring
·         Work Package 2: to develop the institutional capacity of the sub nationals to develop LAMA/NAMA and to plan, mainstream and monitor green economy development at local level
·         Work Package 3: to develop tools and methods that can help the local governments to plan and monitor green economy plan and LAMA/NAMA development in participatory way.

GE-LAMA-I is seeking one qualified Indonesian candidate for the following position

Accounting Project Professional
based in Jakarta

A.      Responsibilities
The accounting/finance professional is responsible for
  • ensuring that financial administration functions well in accordance with GIZ standard procedures
  • effectively coordinating with the staff of the finance team or the Commercial Affairs Department at GIZ Office Jakarta
  • Bank Transactions, WINPACCS Bank Book and deposits at the bank
  • Financial planning, monitoring and accounting for  GE-LAMA-I and LAMA- I assisted projects
  • Settling TPR (third-Party Receivables)
  • Introducing and coaching of existing and new staff within GE-LAMA-I and LAMA- I and related projects
The accounting/finance professional performs the following tasks:
B.       Tasks
1.        Financial services
The accounting/finance professional
  • monitors income, expenditure and the monthly bank reconciliation
  • manages the processing of letters of credit
  • monitors real accounts (payables, receivables) and reports regularly to the officer responsible for the contract and cooperation and the accounting manager
  • ensures that the project management is acting in accordance to BMUB’s standards

2.        General services for  GE-LAMA-I AND LAMA- I - assisted projects / components
The accounting/finance professional
  • prepares monthly and annual budgets and monitors deviations
  • carries out accounting tasks using WINPACCS bank/cash book software and prepares monthly end-of-period accounts and bank reconciliation vouchers
  • submits the end-of-month accounts from the project accounting, cash books and account balance vouchers (through or from WINPACCS) to the officer responsible for the contract and cooperation and forwards them to GIZ Office Jakarta
  • prepares financial contributions / local subsidies
  • prepares and assists with the transfer of funds to projects
  • introducing and coaching of new and existing administrative staff with WINPACCS
  • spreading knowledge and expertise within the IMS team
  • supporting and troubleshooting on all administrative issues within GE-LAMA-I and LAMA- I  and related projects
  • together with the Junior Administrative following up monthly error sheets and works on actions to avoid them in the future
  • is responsible for submitting complete contract , supplier and vendor payments requests
  • is responsible for refilling petty cash and allocation of cash based on requests by the cashier
  • is responsible forsubmitting the monthly journal to GOJ based on the monthly due date set by Financial Manager
  • is drafting the monthly budget plan and request of funds (PfM) towards GOJ

3.        Contract
The accounting/finance professional together with Office Manager
  • is supporting the preparation of contracts up to EUR 2500 for local and international consultants based on ToR
  • is managing and ensuring sufficient supporting contract documents are filed
  • is preparing and supporting the documents for contracts above EUR 2500 and  is coordinating with contract officer in Head Office
  • is monitoring the status of contract implementation and payment
  • is coordinating and communicating with contract officer in the Head Office
  • is filing of contract documents based on O + R

4.        Other duties/additional tasks
The accounting/finance professional
  • reports all problems with financial administration and compliance without delay
  • is responsible for filing in accordance with GIZ rules
  • performs other duties and tasks at the request of management
  • consults with Financial Manager and Office Manager on all important issues
  • drafting finance/accounting Standard Operational Procedure (SOP)  based on need and request
  • monitoring and follow-up of all TPR within  GE-LAMA-I AND LAMA- I  projects (under the AV of Dr. Helmut Dotzauer)
  • coordination with the Office Manager on Event Organization
  • all actions shall be in accordance to GIZ O&R

C.      Required qualifications, competences and experience
  • BA in accounting and auditing or similar area

Professional experience
§  at least 3 years’ professional experience in a comparable position

Other knowledge, additional competences
  • in-depth knowledge of accounting software
  • good working knowledge of ITC technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office)
  • confidential handling of data and information
  • very good knowledge of English in written and spoken, a knowledge of German is an advantage
  • willingness to up skill as required by the tasks to be performed –corresponding measures are agreed with management

Interested candidate should submit the application letter, CV and list of references torecruitment@paklim.org at the latest on 2nd January 2015.  Please indicate your application by putting the following code in the subject line: APP-JKT-GELAMAI

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