Kamis, 28 April 2016

PT Green Enterprises Indonesia

Are you passionate about working at the intersection between business and communities where the business has a genuine commitment to positive impact?
PT Green Enterprises Indonesia
Is a start-up company operating in the islands of Simeulue, Aceh.  We are establishing a factory to produce high quality, organic virigin coconut oil sourced from our own island leaseholdings as well as local smallholders. We have a strong commitment to achieving positive environmental and social change through our business activities.
Position: Coordinator - Smallholder & Organic Farming
    Location: Simeulue, Aceh
    Salary: according with skills and experiences
We have a unique opportunity for a person interested in developing deep and meaningful relationships of mutual benefit with smallholder farms in Simeulue, Indonesia.
Reporting directly to the Management Team, this position is critical for PT GEI to lead the way in developing positive relationships with smallholders and their broader community.
We are looking for someone to grow with us and to learn with us; someone who can bring  a combination of innovation and open-mindness to the team while also supporting and respecting customs and traditions at a local level.
Primary responsibilities within the first 6-12 months will include:
§  Establish partnerships with smallholders (~350ha) on mainland Simeulue. This is likely to include up to 10 groups and 350households.
§  Establish partnerships with smallholders (~350ha) on mainland Simeulue. This is likely to include up to 10 groups and 350households.
§  Play a lead role in supporting the establishment of PT GEI’s internal control mechanisms for organic certification
§  Support all smallholders to comply with organic internal controls
§  Facilitate participatory meetings with smallholders in order to understand social, economic, cultural and environmental conditions as a baseline from which to understand the landscapes in which we are operating and support positive impact wherever possible
§  Support organic certification at a field level (estimated time 6-9 months)
The successful applicant will possess the following skills:
-          Knowledge and application of Organic Certification requirements
-          Proven ability to facilitate community meetings and community participatory processes
-          Experience working on socio-economic impact, including impact measurement and reporting
-          An understanding of business
-          Excellent communication skills, including ability to communicate risks or concerns as early as possible
-          Motivation to learn
-          Ability to learn from mistakes
-          Strong written/report writing skills
-          Excellent interpersonal and motivational skills and the ability to build and support a large and dynamic team of women and men
-          Some proficiency in English and Bahasa Simeulue is desired
Applications close: 10 May, 2016
To apply, please send a Cover Letter and Resume to: Luke Swainson, Managing Director, Luke@ecosystemimpact.com

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