Kamis, 28 April 2016

Spiritia Foundation

Spiritia Foundation is a non Government Organization health sector in Central Jakarta are legal entities since 1997. our vision is improving the quality of life forpeople infected and affected by HIV in Indonesia. Spiritia's Partners spread out in 32 provinces throughout Indonesia. The main donor for Spiritia's Foundation is the Global Fund ATM.
Spiritia Foundation is currently looking for:

Accounting Staff
a. Education : Minimum Bachelor degree in Accounting.
b. Experience : at least 3 years background Accounting.
c. Have the ability to keep records on the budget and costs; Notes payable,accounts
receivable aging and age advances (aging schedule); Calculating taxobligations; Make
record all financial transactions into the accounting software; Ensure theaccount code is
used in accordance with the COA and accounting guidelines; Prepare andmake trial
balance (trial balance); To check the balance ledger (general ledger).
d. Training Accounting.
e. Skills : Accounting Software, Microsoft Office and English (at least
f. Attitudes & Behaviors: Independent, objective, analytical, accurate,communicative
and sociable
g. Willing to travel

Please do send all applicant resume and details to hrdspiritia@gmail.com, the latest is 1st May 2016

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