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Indonesia: M&E Peduli Internship Program
Internship Vacancy
Application deadline: 30 September 2015


We are a social enterprise with a mission to design and deliver tools for people who want to improve the world. We work at the forefront of efforts to understand and respond to the challenges of migration, conflict and justice issues in the 21st Century. Geographically, we work mainly in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South/East Asia. Our supporters are international organizations, national governments, international non-profit organizations and private companies. To find out more about Farsight, please visit
Farsight Indonesia under the coordination of The Asia Foundation is currently working on Program Peduli ( The Peduli program is a part of the Government of Indonesia’s large-scale poverty alleviation program, and was designed to bring benefits to marginalized groups who have not benefited from Indonesia’s economic growth and poverty alleviation programs because they are socially excluded. The program is overseen by the Coordinating Ministry of Community Development and Culture – Kemenko PMK – which has acknowledged that particular people in society are denied full participation in economic, social and civic life and lack access to public services. The program design notes that their exclusion is generated and maintained by social norms, internalized and external stigma, geographic isolation, and lack of public visibility. The Peduli program theorizes that social exclusion causes impoverishment, and further prevents individuals from benefiting from economic growth and poverty alleviation programs that are otherwise reducing poverty in Indonesia. Farsight team has responsibility to manage the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning  (MEL) activities and coordinate the Peduli MIS system.

Job Description

We are looking for a 3-month (October – December) role intership person which based in Jakarta that will be working full time with Program Peduli team. The person will work under the supervision of Peduli-Farsight team leader and will be provided with a monthly internship stipend. Some of the main responsibility are:

·         Assist Peduli-Farsight team leader to generate and compile reports from MIS system
·         Administrate Peduli filing system (soft and hard copies)
·         Assist Outcomes Research Coordinator with outcomes research activities
·         Other tasks given by Peduli-Farsight team leader or Program Peduli Director


·        Motivation to learn about social inclusion and social problems
·        Willingness to develop your skills, including with guidance and time to engage in your own training.
·        Minimum S1 fresh graduated from reputable education institution or university on social related subjects
·        Good English for communication and enough ability to write and read report.
·        Some years of working experience or volunteering experiences in social related issues will be a consideration


Send an email to, which should consist of:
1.        A CV.
2.        An explanation of your fit with the job requirements and your expectations from the internship program.

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

       Application deadline: 30 September 2015

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