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Empowering Indonesian Women for Poverty Reduction (MAMPU) program

Employment Opportunity – MAMPU Indonesia, Partner Engagement Coordinator

The Empowering Indonesian Women for Poverty Reduction (MAMPU) program is a flagship gender initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT)  that aims to improve the lives of poor women in Indonesia by strengthening gender interested organizations and parliamentarians in order to influence government policies and services. BAPPENAS is the host agency for the MAMPU Program.

MAMPU has five thematic areas: access to employment, social protection, improving conditions of overseas migrant workers, improving women’s leadership to reduce violence against women, and reproductive health. Under Component 1 of the program, civil society and gender interested organizations will be supported to form coalitions with the public and private sectors to advocate for change using evidence. To support this reform from outside government, the Program will also support women’s parliamentary caucuses and male and female gender advocate parliamentarians to advocate for reform from within government (Component 2).

Component 2 will focus on three areas:
  • strengthening the individual capacity of women parliamentarians to perform core parliamentary functions
  • supporting male and female parliamentarians to form coalitions with MAMPU partners to advocate for pro-gender/poor reforms
  • strengthening the institutional capacity of women’s caucuses to act an anchor for the above activities

Component 2 will primarily engage with district women’s parliamentary caucuses as an ideal entry point to increase awareness and action towards practical reforms that directly benefit poor women.

Decentralization has meant that district parliaments are now responsible for managing significant government budgets and drafting legislation that has a direct impact on poor women. Despite this, District Parliaments (and especially District women’s parliamentary caucuses), have not often been the subject of research to understand and analyze the complex set of interactions that inform policy making at the local level and prevent or support MPs to advocate for pro-poor/gender reforms.  

The Partner Engagement Coordinator will manage and coordinate MAMPU Partner Facilitators to deliver operational solutions for MAMPU Partners (the efficient and effective use of DFAT resources) ensuring value for money to maximize MAMPU outcomes and incorporate strategic technical thinking into strategic and operational program activities.

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Applications including a cover letter and current CV should be sent in confidence torecruitment@mampu.or.id by 12 February 2015 noting "Partner Engagement Coordinator" in the subject line. While all applications will be read, only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

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