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KARINA (Caritas Indonesia)

Job Title          : Network-Advocacy-Communication Coordinator
Location          : East Jakarta
Division           : Program
Date                : A.S.A.P.
KARINA (Caritas Indonesia) is the humanitarian arm of the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia based in Central
Jakarta and is official member of the Caritas Internationalist confederation.
Established in mid-2006.  KARINA (Caritas Indonesia) acts as a coordinating and facilitating body for all the 37 Dioceses incorporated under the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia.
The Network-Advocacy-Communication Coordinator is responsible for and report to the Finance-Communication-Support Manager
One Year Contract with review 3 months
The Network-Advocacy-Communication Coordinator is responsible for the overall effective and efficient implementation and management of all KARINA’s network, advocacy and Communication in Indonesia. In addition, the Network-Advocacy-Communication Coordinator must ensure best practices in all network, advocacy and Communication areas with a strong commitment towards Caritas Internationalist principles and values and an understanding of the role of the Catholic Church in emergency and development activities. Specifically, the Network-Advocacy-Communication Coordination is responsible for: 
1. Developing relationship  with policy makersrelating to the strategic program of Karina
2. Managing staff under his/her supervision and developing network, advocacy and communication planning, implementation, monitoring-evaluation and reporting.
3. Developing partnership with internal stakeholders (Catholic sister organisations)
4. Developing networking with external stakeholders (Government, non-government organisation, Private sectors, etc)
5. donor relation
6. public relation
7. Karina’s publication, information and database
1.  Relationship with Policy Makers
-   Policy analysis, development of communication strategies, and elaboration of National Caritas communication plans. S/he will monitor the political situation affecting the people served by Caritas Indonesia networks and will provide support in developing appropriate communication and advocacy responses.
-  Developing and designing Strategic plan to seek alliance to other groups and networks that advocate for the same
systemic issues and problems.
-  Establishing relationships with policy makers to advocate for application and/or creation of laws, regulations and policies that address the root causes of systemic issues and problemsbased on the focus issues of Karina
-  Identifying and promoting Karina’s role in advocacy, development of public policy and participates in advocacy activities based on the focus issue of Karina
-  Strengthening relationship with government without compromising its integrity and independence
-  Involving in a task forces or working groups with government or other decision making
-  Providing possessions of communication, information sharing, dissemination strategies to inform and influence policies

2. Managing staff under his/her supervision and developing network, advocacy and communication
planning, implementation, monitoring-evaluation and reporting. 
-  As a member of Management Team of Karina, is responsable to develop and design annual operational planning of the organisation (general annual planning, including program design and operational activities of the organisation), especially from the advocacy and networking perspectives.
-  Ensuring insertion and integration of network-advocacy works in Karina’s program/project planning and
-  Assisting recruitment process and building division staff’s capacity.
-  Supervising the network-advocacy staffs and conducting the staff performance appraisal for the supervised staff.
-  Overseing and support the network-advocacy staffs to ensure high quality of project deliverables and timely submission of reports.
-  Participating in regular Management Team Meetings in order to update, monitor and evaluate implementation of operational planning and other managerial bussinesses
-  Providing regular report on network, advocacy and Communication activities.
3. Partnership with Internal Stakeholders
-   In collaboration with Managers and Project/Program Coordinators, promoting and designing partership among Diocesan Caritases and other “Sister Church Organisations/commissions”
-   Assisting Executive Director to promote and cunduct collaboration and partnership with other Social Pastoral Body of the Bishop Conference of Indonesia (PSE, Peace & Justice Commission, and others)
-  Assisting Executive Director and Execuive Board, coordinate meeting events for Caritas Family and Dioceses in Indonesia (Director and Annual Meetings, other events needed).
-  Assisting Executive Director and Executive Board of Yayasan Karina in promoting Caritas spirit and values among caritas networks in Indonesia.
-  Representation of Karina at various workshops, briefings and other meetings and coordination of and promotion of effective communication between Caritas networks at all levels (Diocesan, National and international) 

4. Networking with External Stakeholders
-   Developingprogrammatic and technical linkages with local, national and international organisations and the private sector in order to gain leverage and resources  that enhance its ability to accomplish its mission
-  Representation Karinaat various workshops, briefings and other meetings and coordination of and promotion of effective communication with Government, non-government organisation, private sector and other potential
-  Identifyingprioritization membership in coalition, network and alliances, and playing leadership as appropriate
-  Developingwritten agreement for partnership, if applicable, to define and foster trust and cooperation
-  Conducting regular consultation with major stakeholders to promote concern on policy issues, advocacy, needs assessment, funding, project design, implementation, and monitoring and impact assessment.
- Sharing information about current or planned services, other activities, and results with intended beneficiary communities, partners and other external stakeholders.
- Monitoring the effectiveness of its partnerships with other organizations through reflections and documented reports.
5.      Donor Relation
-  Together with the Management Team (Director, Managers and Coordinators), developing program/project design to be submitted to donors
-  Providing information, data and publication needed to be used as a media for fund raising activities
-  In close collaboration with Executive Director and Executive Board and approved by them, preparing and conducting fund raising activities
-  Leveraging resources from the government and donors for itself, its partners and communities.
-  Helping Executive Director and Managers, in promoting Karina’s activities in order to be known, recognized, and respected by international and local donors, other civil society actors, and government officials.
6. Public Relation
-  Developing system and strategy for Karina’s public relation (manual for public relation and dissemination of informations)
- With approval from the Excecutive Director and/or Executive Board, representing Karina’s press release, official publication on specific issues.
-  Managing, developing and updating information through Karina’s public medias (website, newsletter, etc.)
-  Managing corespondence with internal as well as external partners through e-mail, phone, cards, etc.
7.  Publication, Communication and Database
-  Coordinating publication and sharing information to public and internal stakeholders on Karina’s activities through social media (website, newsletter, annual report publication, leaflet, cards, etc.)
-  Information, publications and relations with the media. In collaboration with Caritas Indonesia network and where necessary and opportune with Caritas Member Organitations working in Indonesia s/he will draft letters, press releases, briefings, statements, articles etc related to issues of concern for Caritas network in Indonesia. 
-  Being responsible for the management of the content of the Karina’swebsite, and the design and edition of Karinapublications. Where necessary s/he will provide advice and training national offices on the above.
Being responsible for updated Karina’s medias of publication (website, server of database, and other
social media if applicable
* BA or MA degree, preferably in law, political/social science, development studies, human rights, communication or other related to the job.
* Great commitment and passion in humanitarian/social works.
* Understand humanitarian principles and Caritas principles and values.
* Ability to think strategically, to take initiative and to balance competing priorities and work under pressure to tight deadlines.
* Excellent interpersonal communications (written & oral) and representative skills.
* Strong networking skills in an intercultural and inter-religious setting,
* Excellent or fluent English and Indonesian skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
* Excellent organisational skills, and project management experience.
* Knowledge of and experience with simple research used for advocacy
* Knowledge of and experience with advocacy approaches
* Understanding of the role of information management within an organization.
* Knowledge of disaster response, disasters risk reduction, risk mitigation and preparedness another related to humanitarian issues,
* Ability to multi-task
* Willingness to work autonomously at times, and take initiative.
* Willingness to work unsociable hours as necessary, when operationally required, including some weekends.
* Ability to work independently
* Minimum of two years relevant working experience
* Experience dealing with Government authorities, hierarchy of Catholic Church, Caritas Confederation, the United Nations, and other non-government organisations. 
* Knowledge of basic Microsoft programs a must. 
* Knowledge of website, public media, e-mail maintenance

Application, CV and contact details for 3 references should be submitted by e-mail to: eva@karina.or.id orsdmkarina@gmail.com  at the latest 31 July 2013

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