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World Bank Indonesia

Short Term Consultant for Private Sector Development


The World Bank Indonesia Private Sector Development (PSD) unit is currently supporting the efforts of Government of Indonesia to promote shared prosperity in Indonesia by fostering open, competitive, sustainable, and inclusive markets. It seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Government of Indonesia (GoI) to improve the business environment and regulatory certainty for all businesses and to provide an incentive regime that promotes growth, competition, and innovation, also among small- and medium enterprises. It also seeks to strengthen the Government’s capacity to manage and implement its reform initiatives.
The team has received requests from the government to support the Government of Indonesia’s efforts in improving the business environment. The Chairman of Indonesia’s Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) asked for support to improve investor facilitation and improve BKPM capacity to review and comment on proposed regulation impacting investment. 
 The World Bank Indonesia is looking for a Short Term Consultant to support the work of the Business Environment and Investment Climate Reforms component. During the course of the assignment, the consultant
is expected to work on the Improving BKPM Investor Facilitation project in the Finance & Private Sector Development Unit and will maintain close coordination with the staff of the unit in Jakarta. The consultant is also expected to support other activities related to the business environment and competitive clusters as required.

The main activities of the project
·     Conduct a rapid review and develop action plans. The purpose is to take a closer look at the way the individual units within BKPM work and to work with them to create a smoother pathway for investors through the organization. The rapid review will also identify potential quick wins and serve as an input to develop action plans and set activity targets for the first round of work.  
·     Develop an Investor Information System (IIS) to tackle the lack of good quality, up-to-date investor information at BKPM. BKPM lacks strategic partnerships with others in government in terms of access to key information needed by investors and a lack of a systematic approach to gathering, maintaining, storing, packaging, and presenting key investor information. 
·     Develop an improved investor tracking system (ITS). The tracking system designed to help BKPM keep track of investor interests as they proceed through the entire investment promotion system from first contact to final investment and beyond.
This will be a very important element in ensuring effective coordination of investor facilitation between BKPM departments.  
·     Develop an effective monitoring & evaluation system to measure facilitation progress against a baseline (investor inquiries, conversion rates, etc.). This would be used both to illustrate the impact of the programs and to create a tool for management to manage the facilitation work.
·     Support BKPM in building its capacity for improved development of FDI strategy for Indonesia and improved capacity for targeting FDI composition, rather than just overall volume, through more sophisticated investment promotion activities.
·     Depending on the need and further discussion with BKPM, this project may also include the activities below:
o   Develop coherent staff operating guidelines and design best practice investor inquiry handling system.
o   Support BKPM in building capacity of their staff. This may include some additional training and capacity building in investment facilitation. 
In the execution of these activities the consultant is expected to be the primary, day-to-day link between the World Bank Group team in Jakarta and global experts in Washington on the one hand, and BKPM on the other. To this end, the consultant will be expected to spend much of her/his time working directly and on-site with BKPM.

Expected activities include but are not limited to the following:
* Participate in visiting missions by external experts, supporting both the organizational aspects (ensuring that BKPM counterparts are available and well-informed) and the technical aspects (providing briefing and requested information for the team). 
* Support the team in conducting rapid review of BKPM investor facilitation and develop action plan for the project, working closely with the World Bank Group’s Global Team Leader for Investment Promotion.
* Conduct background research, data analyses, and collect other relevant information needed to support the development and implementation of the project.
* Produce technical notes, minutes of meetings, workshop summary, and reports as needed, under the guidance of WBG expert and project leader.
* Together with BKPM, develop coherent staff operating guidelines and procedures and design best practice investor inquiry handling system, under the guidance of WBG expert and project leader.
* Working closely with BKPM on a day-to-day basis during the course of the project and maintain close communication with relevant BKPM staff as the key counterparts in developing and implementing the project.
* Organize dialogue forums and workshops among stakeholders as needed and attend relevant meetings/workshops. 
* The consultant may also be requested to provide other inputs as needed to support the World Bank’s engagement with the Government of Indonesia on business environment and competitive clusters component.

Expected outputs:
* BKPM rapid review on investor facilitation and action plan (team)
* Operating guidelines and procedures
* Consultation materials/notes
* Training materials and summary
* Policy/Technical notes 
Selection Criteria:
The Consultant should have the following background:

* Master degree in Economics or other relevant areas.  
* Minimum of 5 years of working experience on investment and economic policies and development issues in general
* Strong research and English writing skills are essential 
* Strong quantitative skills are a plus  
* Knowledge of investment facilitation and development of relevant information systems is desired 
* The consultant should show a capacity to deliver good quality reports 
* The consultant should be fluent in both written and spoken English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Length of Assignment:

This initial contract for 30 days and can be extended for up to 150 days (subject to performance) within the period of August 12, 2013 to June 30, 2014. The Assignment will be located in Jakarta.

The World Bank Group is committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality, culture and educational background.  Individuals with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply.  All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.
To apply, please submit a CV and statement of interest by email to recruitmentfpd@gmail.com with the subject “The Short Term Consultant for FPD Application”. The deadline for application is August 1st 2013 (or until the position filled). Applications that do not include statement of interest will not be considered. Applications should be submitted on-line. Direct application through e-mail will not be considered. Phone inquiries will not be entertained.

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