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Wildlife Conservation Society

Position : Wildlife Response Unit (WRU) Team Member 
Program : Wildlife+ 
Based in : Way Kambas 
Line Manager : WRU Team Leader 
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has a distinguished history of scientists exploring and saving wildlife in some of the most remote and wild places remaining on Earth. WCS has long recognized that successful conservation requires a long-term commitment to individuals and places. Such a commitment has defined the culture and style of the Global Conservation Program, including the Indonesia Program. 

The Wildlife Conservation Society – Indonesia Program (WCS-IP) has significantly grown over the last decades, and contributed substantially to the conservation of biodiversity in Indonesia. We currently work in several
landscapes in Sumatra and Sulawesi where we aim to protect threatened species and their habitat. In order to achieve our supported and backed up by field activities that aim to reduce and mitigate human-wildlife conflicts, combat illegal logging, encroachment and deploys patrol to protect the habitat, and monitor and sustain the health of wildlife. 

Human-wildlife conflicts in the landscapes where WCS-IP works have increased over the last decennia as human populations continue to expand into the wilderness areas. These have resulted into negative impacts on people and
their resources as well as wildlife species and their habitat. Through a number of interventions, WCS-IP aims to mitigate the human-wildlife conflicts and ensure a sustainable co-existence between people and wildlife. 
To increase the effectiveness of our conservation interventions and strengthen the role WCS-IP in mitigating human wildlife conflicts, WCS-IP has decided to establish a unit called WRU (Wildlife Response Unit). WRU covers
Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP). WCS-IP is looking for a strong and motivated field staff to run this unit. 

The Field Staff will be reporting to WRU Team Leader – Way Kambas. The position will be based in Way Kambas. It is a project-based position and is dependent on availability of funds from donor. The position will be available for a period of 6 months with possibility of extension depending on available funding and how effective the position proves to be. 
This position will operate on project basis, will work under supervision of WRU Way Kambas Team Leader, will implement general tasks as follow:
1.       Work close with villagers and forest rangers in Way Kambas to mitigate human-wildlife conflict around Way Kambas National Park.
2.       Support technical expertise on elephant conflict mitigation and provide serial training for villagers and relevant stakeholders related to elephant conflict mitigation methods and implementation.
3.       Work close with community to gather information of conflict and to arrange formal and/or informal consultative meeting related with villagers to socialize tiger or elephant conflict mitigation and night patrol.
4.       Maintain and take care of equipment to support WRU activities in Way Kambas and make sure that the equipment will be ready to use anytime.
5.       Maintain communication with contact person (head of village) as WRU wildlife conflict informants in hotspots of conflict area.
6.       Play role as WRU representative staff on collaboration with Way Kambas National Park, BKSDA Lampung, and relevant partners related to elephant conservation.
7.       Manage WRU public and local villagers awareness campaign strategy and implementation related to elephant conservation, include to prepare elephant campaign materials.
8.       Create and manage elephant conservation campaign at communities groups near Way Kambas National Park and elephant habitat.
9.       Prepare monthly report and any reports that related to the activities to the WRU Team Leader.
10.    To conduct SMART patrol in Way Kambas area to detect illegal activities inside the national park, included illegal hunting, encroachment, NTFP harvesting, and logging. 
Please note that the above TOR constitutes only the main responsibilities and duties of this position. As WCS-IP is a flexible organization, staffs members are expected to undertake any other tasks that are allocated to them but which are not part of their regular TOR.
1.      Having minimum of 3 years experience in human-wildlife conflict mitigation, especially for elephant, is preferable.
2.      Having minimum of 3 years of experience to work with partners and relevant NGOs to develop wildlife campaign strategy and implementation is an advantage.
3.      Experience to organize community for training and to disseminate human-wildlife conflict.
4.      Able to operate computer, especially Microsoft Words and Excel.
When you are interested on the above position and consider that you posses the necessary qualification, please submit your job application consisting of updated curriculum vitae and a cover letter explaining your interest towards this work and/or this organization to recruitment@wcsip.org or to rkania@wcs.org. The email subject should be put as: "WRU-Way Kambas". Incoming application later than Thursday,25 July 2013 will not be processed.  

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