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Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working in 35 countries around the world to conserve the lands and water on which all life depends. In Indonesia, TNC has been working in conservation partnerships with government, communities and the private sector for more than 20 years, advancing solutions for conservation, natural resources management and climate change for the benefit of people and nature. By leveraging science-based natural resources management models, TNC transform practices and informs policies that will result in the increase of landscapes and seascapes under effective management in Indonesia. For more information please

The Nature Conservancy Indonesia Program is currently offering the following internship opportunity:

Location: Jakarta Office

Ocean Wealth
For fisherman and seafood fans, seagrass meadows are fish factories – they are the nurseries for many species of fish for industry, sport and table. Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts view coral reefs and kelp forests as some of nature’s most amazing destinations, and their interest generates billions every year in tourist dollars. To community planners, oyster reefs filter pollutants from the water and break wave energy, reducing the impacts from storms. When combined with salt marshes, mangroves, ocean currents, nutrient-rich upwellings and many other habitat types, the ocean provides countless valuable services to society.

A large and growing array of ecosystem science confirms these facts, but this science is not yet being translated into the engineering, financial and policy language that could drive changes in the way we evaluate and manage nature for our many needs. In the right hands, ecosystem service science will help decision-makers, development organizations, industry and community members make important planning decisions about coastal areas.

Mapping Ocean Wealth
The Conservancy’s goal is to describe – in quantitative terms – all that the ocean does for us today, so that we make smarter investments and decisions affecting what the ocean can do for us tomorrow.

The Intern will assist in collecting, compiling and analyzing data which will be used to support the development of Mapping Ocean Wealth work plan for the Indonesia Program.  S/he will also provide assistance with the general literature review of ecosystem services and pelagic ecosystem in Indonesia.

·         Undergraduates and/or recent graduates in Marine Conservation/Tropical Coastal Management/Fisheries and/or other related disciplines with some previous internship experience in related fields.
·         Experience conducting research projects
·         Familiar with administrative processes
·         Excellent working knowledge of written and spoken English and Indonesian
·         Good time management skills
·         Demonstrable commitment to conservation
·         Working knowledge of databases, statistic packages and websites
·         Internet savvy with knowledge of search engine
·         Resilient and adaptable, with the ability to work as a team
·         Professional approach

If you are interested with this internship opportunity, please send your CV, not later than May 5, 2015. Please write Mapping Ocean Wealth Intern on your email subject.

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