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The USAID project Prioritazing Reform, Innovation and Opportunities for Reaching Indonesia’sTeachers, Administrators, and Students (PRIORITAS) is focussing on capacity building and quality improvements for teacher training institutions (TTI) and for non-academic, pre-serviceteacher training providers. PRIORITAS is building the capacity of schools and MoEC, MORA national, provincial and district offices together with pre- and in-service teacher training organizations to coordinate, plan and train.
PRIORITAS is currently working in seven provinces to increase access to quality basic education. The project is expanding into Papua province in early 2014. The focus of the project in Papua is to be more limited than that in other provinces with an emphasis on primary education and basic literacy. The mode of delivery will be through a partnership with two local organizations, Yayasan Kristen Wamena (YKW) and Yayasan Sosial Untuk Masyarakat Terpencil (YASUMAT) which are both active in the highland areas of Papua in Jayawijaya and Yahukimo districts respectively. The activities funded by grants to these two organizations and are focussing on those two districts.
The PRIORITAS is currently seeking qualified individual to fill the position of the
Technical Advisor
This position will be based in Wamena, Papua, with regular coordination visits to Jayapura
The objectives of the assignment as follows:
The Technical Advisor is responsible for PRIORITAS project in Papua which will be implemented by giving grants to two local organizations. S/he will monitor the work of two local organizations, Yayasan Kristen Wamena (YKW) and Yayasan Sosial Untuk Masyarakat Terpencil (YASUMAT) and provide appropriate support to ensure the timely delivery of the agreed program. S/he will liaise with government at district and province levels to inform and gain their support for activities.
The Technical Advisor responsibilities will include:
-      Monitor the implementation of the program by YKW and YASUMAT including progress in implementing the agreed program and problems encountered
-      Give advice, support and assistance as appropriate to ensure the timely delivery of the agreed program
-      Work with the USAID PRIORITAS office in Jakarta to support the grantees in fulfilling the administrative and financial requirements of the grant
-      Verify the attainment of activity milestones to support the release of grant funds to the grantees
-      Give help in specific areas related to building relations with local government including holding regular meetings with the two district governments involved and the provincial government to keep them informed of the program and encourage their participation
-      Ensure that project impact monitoring takes place in line with the agreed program and that the data are reported in a timely fashion
-      Submit monthly reports to the USAID PRIORITAS in Jakarta, highlighting progress in implementing the agreed program, explaining problems faced and making recommendations to improve the implementation of the program
-      Travel regularly to project sites.
-          Degree in education and/or a relevant field
-          Familiarity the education system in Papua and the challenges faced
-          Minimum 9 years experiences working in a responsible technical position in similar education development projects
-          Experience of successfully managing and / or supervising project activities and monitoring their impact
-          Experience of working successfully with local government
-          A demonstrated ability to work collegially and productively with a variety of partners and stakeholders.
-          Ability to participate in all representation and technical meetings in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications to:prioritas-vacancy-Jakarta@rti-indomd.rti.org prioritas-vacancy-jakarta@rti-indomd.rti.org> not later than April 30, 2015
All candidates are requested to write down the position and name in subject line of email and specify their availability date in the CV.
Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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