Rabu, 15 April 2015

Training Resources Group Inc.

Training Resources Group Inc. is seeking for qualified candidate to fill in the position National Capacity Building Officer whom will be part of the team to manage the implementation of one year USAID HIV and AIDS funded project.

BASIC FUNCTION:                       
She/he will be responsible for day-to-day support of the Regional Coordinators, Technical Assistance Organization (TA) and Civil Society Organization Partners (CSO), strengthen program coordination with local government, strengthen the quality and achievement of the technical assistance services provided by TA to CSO partners, identifying and documenting best practices.

1.      Assist three Regional Offices to develop programworkplan, review achievements, and respond to problems and challenges.
2.      Ensure that provincial and district governments improve the quality of strategic action plans, annual action plans and budgets, and resource allocation mobilization plans.
3.      Work in coordination with the three Regional Coordinators, develop district-wide package of support that contains organizational and program management, and technical capacity development, and small grants.
4.      Provide extensive technical assistance to the threeRegional Coordinators to manage small grants to supportorganizational capacity and technical capacitydevelopment.
5.      Ensure that small grants are well managed by the recipient CSOs.
6.      Provide technical assistance in promoting the reduction of stigma and discrimination by providing the most accurate information about HIV-AIDS and MARPs to government officials, community and religious leaders, and social marketing campaigns.
7.      Work with individual organizations (NAC, MOH, and the Global Fund Implementing Partners, forums and networks, etc.) at national level to assess the need for technical assistance that will support organizational performance for HIV-AIDS prevention and careinterventions.
8.      Ensure that the overall training and coaching services are in parallel with the package of services and support plan of each targeted intervention sites.
9.      Work in coordination with International NGOs, donors, and UN agencies at the national level to address training and coaching service needs. 
10.  Provide progress reports on a monthly basis.

·         Knowledge of HIV/AIDS or other relevant public health programs and community development.
·         Excellent communication skills for advocacy, training, and facilitation.
·         Excellent report writing skills, and good computer skills, including internet and email.
·         Ability to provide leadership as well as work as a member of a team.
·         High degree of adaptability to varied working environments and good interpersonal skills.
·         Able to maintain good relationships with government agencies/institutions at all levels, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).
·         Experience in monitoring and evaluation of relevant programs.
·         Fluent spoken and written Indonesian and some competence in English.

·         A university degree or other suitable qualification in a related field; Masters degree in Public Health or related area preferred.
·         Five years experience in similar position.

Interested candidates should send the following documentations: Application letter and CV with 3 referees.  Please indicate ‘NCBO’ in the email subject, and submit the application by April 23, 2015 tovacant.trg@gmail.com

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