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Job Announcement           : CBO Program Manager
Deadline for Applications  : July 10, 2015

About Water.org

Water.org is an international organization working to increase access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). Water.org has been in operation since 1990, implementing water and sanitation finance programs in conjunction with local partners such as financial institutions and water/sanitation service providers.
Water.org’s “WaterCredit” programs support financial institutions to increase the provision of water and sanitation financing, particularly for low income households. Since 2003, Water.org has implemented WaterCredit programs with 66 partner financial institutions, facilitating over 550,000 water and sanitation loans totaling over USD 120 million. Water.org programs have reached over 3 million people in 12 countries. Water.org launched operations in Indonesia in early 2014 and seeks to build relationships with a broad range of financial institutions (microfinance institutions, commercial banks, BPRs, venture companies, cooperatives) and water/sanitation service providers.
In early 2015, Water.org Indonesia developed and tested a CBO finance program to further strengthen, finance, and expand Community Based Organizations/BPSPAMs/HIPPAMs (CBOs) established under the PAMSIMAS and SANIMAS programs. 

Water.org seeks to provide technicalsupport to CBOs to build CBO capacity and expand water and sanitation provision in ruralIndonesia. Water.org also seeks to further inform financial institutions (FIs) about investmentopportunities in the rural water supply sector and partner with FIs to increase investment in CBOs.
The main activities of the Water.org CBO Program Manager are:
·      CBO Mapping: Identify and prioritize high potential districts in coordination with PAMSIMAS and other key stakeholders, assess CBOs and CBO associations, organize information into database
·      CBO Strengthening: Partner with high potential CBOs, and working in coordination with PAMSIMAS, strengthen high potential CBOs to ensure that they have the basic operational capacity to improve water and sanitation services, access commercial financing to expand, and sustain operations over the long-term.
·      CBO Financing: Present CBO investment opportunities to financial institutions/investors (FIs), deliver training and support to FIs to underwrite and disburse loans to CBOs, facilitate CBO loan applications, negotiate credit enhancements with FIs when necessary.
·      Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitor and report progress of CBOs, financing provided to CBOs, and impact on households; evaluate the Water.org CBO finance strategy to make appropriate corrective action to ensure goals are achieved.

Position Description

Water.org seeks highly skilled and highly motivated for candidate to support the scaling of its CBO program. This position will be based in Jakarta with regular travel throughout Indonesia.
The CBO Program Manager is responsible for managing the CBO finance program to provide technical support to CBOs and banks to increase the flow of financing for community water/sanitation infrastructure in rural areas. This position is responsible for the effective execution of the program including CBO mapping, CBO strengthening and CBO financing. This includes identifying target geographies in collaboration with PAMSIMAS and BAPPENAS, and building partnerships with CBOs, CBO Associations, local PAMSIMAS Facilitators, and financial institutions.
This position is responsible for both program design and delivery with a team of at least three staff. This position reports to the Country Director and also works closely with Program Mangers at the Water.org head office in the US.
Core Responsibilities

Program Design and Development :

·      Lead planning and execution of CBO finance program
·      Define standardized CBO operating requirements used assess, improve, and monitorCBO capacity
·      Develop CBO training materials and capacity building tools related to fundamental business capacities including registration, planning, budgeting, accounting, HR and operations
·      Develop materials to market program to banks and train bank staff in CBO lending
·      Identify and vet potential collaborating financial institutions
·      Structure credit enhancements to increase lending from banks to CBOs
·      Negotiate and structure agreements with CBOs, CBO Associations, financial institutions, PAMSIMAS and other stakeholders
    Program Management and Partner Capacity Building :

·      Develop and maintain database of CBOs and operational capacities of those CBOs
·      Manage delivery of trainings to CBOs in collaboration with stakeholders to ensure expanded CBO capacity and service coverage in rural areas
·      Organize CBO training events, forums, and partners meetings in order to share knowledge and collaborate with stakeholders
·      Analyze CBO bankability and identify CBOs ready to access commercial capital for infrastructure and service expansion
·      Support CBOs to complete FI loan applications, secure financing and effectively invest
·      Support CBOs to secure engineering, construction, and other services from private sector providers
·      Present to banks information about the CBO market, build bank understanding of CBO investment opportunities, provide guidance to FIs in underwriting loans to CBOs
·      Manage all credit enhancements including loan guarantees including approval and disbursement of claims for payment
Program Monitoring and Data Management :

·      Monitor CBO progress against standard operating capacity requirements including infrastructure and service expansion
·      Organize and communicate information to track program performance, enhance CBO activities, and support the mission of Water.org
·      Ensure regular reporting is submitted to Water.org staff and/or funders

Representation :

·      Enhance Water.org’s presence in the rural WSS sector
·      Collaborate with World Bank Water and Sanitation Program, BAPPENAS, PAMSIMAS, SANIMAS, banks, local governments, and other stakeholders
·      Serve as a knowledge base for Water.org and represent Water.org at events and in written publications to advance the organizational mission and vision
·      Develop, execute and lead a strategy to address how Water.org and its partners can tap into available sources of local and regional financial capital for investment
·      Keep abreast of local and international WSS finance, product development and water and sanitation issues, and serve as a knowledge base for Water.org

Professional Qualifications

·      Bachelor’s Degree in related field with demonstrated record of outstanding academic and career achievement
·      At least ten years of relevant experience with financial institutions, water/sanitation supply sector and institutions, and/or related organizations
·      Familiarity with business development services, capacity building, and/or technical assistance programs in the finance and/or water and sanitation sectors
·      Demonstrated success increasing the flow of bank financing to underserved sectors
·      Strong understanding of financial statements and experience with strengthening financial management of small businesses, particularly in water/sanitation sector
·      Experience structuring SME-sized loans and negotiating credit enhancements preferred
·      Understanding of the landscape of water and sanitation provision in Indonesia and the challenges constraining rural access
·      Experience building the capacity of water/sanitation service providers preferred
·      Fluency in Bahasa Indonesia and English
·      Ability to lead and manage dedicated local team while creating an office environment that engenders mutual respect and inspires creativity
·      Proven track record proactively identifying challenges and developing innovative solutions
·      Demonstrated ability to deliver results working in a small team and playing a variety of roles
·      Willingness to travel
·      Advanced computer skills, particularly MS Office

This is a two year contract position with strong potential for extension and competitive compensation commensurate with experience.

Application Information

Interested candidates may send copy of their CV and cover letter indicating their interest to:


Applications will be reviewed as they are received. Please do not attempt to contact Water.org about the status of your application.

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