Selasa, 10 November 2015

Regional Secretariat of CTI–CFF

Internship Opportunity for Communication Student

The Regional Secretariat of CTI–CFF in Jakartais looking for a communication enthusiast intern for senior student toundertake a 12-week internship.  Thisprogram aims to equip educational experience by practical work assignments atcommunication field. The intern will have an opportunity to gain first-handknowledge on a diverse range of international issues encompassing the area ofworks of CTI–CFF.


- Manage and conductdaily social media platforms (facebook, twitter, website) to CTI-CFFstakeholders. 

- Develop necessarycorrespondence, copy writing, promotional material, presentation, and otherrelated-communication platforms needed by the Regional Secretariat. 

- Carry out ad-hocduties as and when required, therefore include a very diverse rangeof responsibilities outside the specific terms of reference. 

- Liaise and report toCommunication Specialist of CTI–CFF Regional Secretariat.


- Candidate must currently be pursuing a Communication/PublicRelations/Advertising major or equivalent. 

- Strong communication skills, ideally writing and editing socialmedia platforms – all in English.  

- Well-disciplined and motivated,and in possession of positive attitude with learning oriented minds. 

- Familiarity with social media platforms 

- Additional skills on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, andInDesign would be an advantage. 

- Required language(s): Bahasa Indonesia, and English. 

Application process: 

Interested candidatesare required to send their cover letter with the latest CV and sample ofprevious works/class projects by email to tmarman@cticff.orgbefore November15, 2015.

Conditions of application:

- Internship location in Jakarta. 
- Transportation and meal allowance willbe provided. 

- Intern will receive reference letter uponcompletion of internship. 

- Regional Secretariat CTI–CFF cannotguarantee any employment whatsoever after completion of the internship. 

- Professional appearance is expected atall times. Failure to comply with these rules can result in the cancellation ofthe internship. 


The internship is a fixed period with maximumduration for 12 weeks initially with possibility of extension contingent onperformance, availability and the mutual agreement of the intern and the RegionalSecretariat. 

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