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Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF)

(Program to Extend Scholarships and Training to Achieve Sustainable Impacts 3)
Indonesian International Education Foundation (IIEF) is an Indonesian not-for-profit organization specializing in scholarship management and international testing. IIEF is opening various positions for Program to Extend Scholarships and Training to Achieve Sustainable Impacts 3 (PRESTASI 3), funded by USAID/Indonesia. PRESTASI 3 is implemented by the Institute of International Education (IIE), one of the world's largest and most experienced higher education and professional exchange organizations based in New York, in collaboration with IIEF as the sub-contractor.
PRESTASI 3 is a five-year project that aims to equip Indonesian individuals and entities with leadership skills to achieve key development objectives, primarily through long-term academic training and short-term training in the United States.
IIEF  is seeking candidates for the following positions:
  • International Training Specialist
  • Local Recruitment/Outreach Specialist
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist
  • International Training Associates (2 positions)
  • Local Recruitment/Outreach Associates (2 positions)
All positions are based in Jakarta, Indonesia.
To apply, please send your application letter and CV to recruitment@iief.or.id and specify in the subject line the position for which you are applying. Qualified Indonesian nationals are encouraged to apply. No phone inquiries accepted.
Closing date:  October 10, 2014 .
For more information about IIE and IIEF, visit www.iie.org and www.iief.or.id.
1.        International Training Specialist
This position will lead all in-country training activities. He/she will be responsible for planning and implementing all short- and long-term training activities for the project, including language and Pre-Academic Training, university placement, and pre-departure orientation for the scholars. This is a five-year position. Main responsibilities include:
·           Plan, develop, and coordinate training activities and corresponding budget(s) to meet project objectives and goals
·           Provide individual counseling for scholars to assess training needs and assist scholars in searching for prospective universities and appropriate training
·           Serve as liaison between scholars and U.S.-based placement team regarding deadlines for student grades, convocation, etc.
·           Manage university placement process documents, applications, and U.S. visa processes for scholars in a timely manner
·           Develop Stakeholder Compacts, Program Descriptions, Training Implementation Plans (TIPs) and Training Intervention Request Forms (TIRFs) for scholars
·           Develop and implement Pre-Academic Training program, Pre-Departure Orientation and returning scholar training activities
·           Respond to inquiries providing information requiring comprehensive knowledge of university policies and procedures and resolve any issues on training and monitoring
·           Document findings of study and prepare recommendations for implementation of new systems, procedures, or program changes
·           Monitor and report on progress of program objectives.
2.        Local Recruitment/Outreach Specialist
This position will lead all phases of a rigorous outreach program to identify and select participants for PRESTASI 3. He/she will be responsible for managing comprehensive recruitment, application, and selection processes based on objective and transparent criteria, particularly targeting participants from remote and disadvantaged areas of Indonesia, as well as promotion of the PRESTASI brand throughout Indonesia and globally. This is a 2½-year position. Main responsibilities include:
·           Develop, implement, and organize outreach strategies, activities and parameters for PRESTASI that facilitate participant's recruitment and retention
·           Support the development of Program Descriptions for Development Objective Teams
·           Implement comprehensive mapping of potential candidates, including area or origin, gender, and other criteria
·           Conduct innovative outreach efforts through a variety of mediums among targeted groups to promote PRESTASI program, including development and dissemination of brochures and other advertising materials, presentations, workshops, and dissemination of information in line with PRESTASI branding
·           Initiate and maintain relationships with various academic communities, private sector agencies, NGOs, government agencies, and other community agencies as required
·           Initiate and develop strong, collaborative working relationships with government scholarship funding agencies (LPDP, Unggulan, etc.) to identify areas for joint outreach and recruitment
·           Communicate with USAID Technical Offices regarding timeline and roles in the selection processes in multiple regions of Indonesia.
3.        Monitoring Evaluation Specialist
This position will be responsible for establishing and managing a user-friendly project-level M&E capability for PRESTASI. This is a five-year position. Main responsibilities include:
·           Develop PMP and annual M&E plans and budgets as well as in the development of PRESTASI Annual Plan
·           Ensure that data required for demonstrating program impact and lessons learned is collected, analyzed, and integrated into project M&E systems
·           Monitor data quality, program activities and progress related to impact and sustainability on innovative interventions
·           Provide evaluation feedback into project design, including comments on various documents, as well as follow up on implementation of evaluation recommendations
·           Provide analysis and reporting required by the project in timely manner
Requirements for all Specialist positions  include:
·           At least 7 (seven) years of experience in development and implementation of international programs (all positions)
·           Advanced degree or Bachelor's degree with equivalent managerial experience (all positions)
·           Excellent oral and written communication in English and Bahasa Indonesia (all positions)
·           Excellent understanding of the unique training needs of participants coming from diverse regions of Indonesia, rural areas, and underserved populations (for International Training Specialist)
·           Demonstrated experience identifying and placing participants in U.S. training programs and excellent understanding of variable placement factors, such as cost, field of study, student background, etc. (for International Training Specialist)
·           Demonstrated excellence in conducting innovative outreach that promotes participant training through a variety of mediums (for Local Recruitment/Outreach Specialist)
·           Experience in recruiting candidates from disadvantaged and remote areas throughout Indonesia (for Local Recruitment/Outreach Specialist)
·           Prior experience in working with media preferred (for Local Recruitment/Outreach Specialist)
·           Excellent understanding and proven professional technical knowledge/expertise in methodology of M&E, including theories, standards and models, methods, data testing, data reliability, data analysis and interpretation (for M&E Specialist)
·           Experience in M&E with a background in the analysis of capacity development impacts with complex socio-economic settings (for M&E Specialist)
4.        International Training Associates (2 positions)
5.        Local Recruitment/Outreach Associates (2 positions)
The Associates positions will be supporting the Specialists and performing tasks and activities as assigned by the respective Specialists.
Requirements for Associate positions:
  • Minimum Bachelor's degree
  • At least 3 (three) years of experience in development and implementation of international programs
  • Ability to take initiative and work well with minimum supervision
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good oral and written communication in English and Bahasa Indonesia

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