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The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded project, is implemented by John Snow  Incorporated USA. The PROJECT requires  a TB Program Assistant with the following characteristics :
A. Position Focus
The position will  provide assistance in administrative planning and data presentation for the implementation  of the TB Specimen Collection, Packing and Cold Chain Pilot Project. 
The administrative activities will  include: budget finalization
 coordination with other staff,  preparing power point presentations when needed, and preparing for the implementation of the pilot project, filed travel and scheduling.
  B. Specific Responsibilities
1.  Support the implementation process with the Senior TB Lab Advisor.
2. Coordinate  with  other  groups and staff working on this activity
3. Manage the various files developed for this activity 
4.Check with vendors regarding the availability of transport and packing supplies.
5. Finance support  & monitoring
C. Deliverables
1.Monthly report summarizing the work that has been done on this activity to date.
2.All tables and files prepared for this activity, as required.
3.All power point presentations prepared for this activity.
4. Monitor reports
5. Field trip reports
Qualifications :
·         Minimum Bachelor Degree
·         Minimum 3 Years Experience with project administration
·      Capable of managing drug supplies and know the  entry and exit system for  goods
·      Experience with lab logistic
·      Experience working with MOH
·      Experience working on TB Control Program
·      Knowledgeable  about storage management
·      Communicative and can work together in a team
·       Honest, Thorough
·       Able to operate computer (Microsoft office)
Please submit your CV to wina.harlina@gmail.com indicating your availability, last salary and requested salary. Deadline for submission of CV is  October  30th, 2014.

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