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Location : Sarmi, Papua, Indonesia
Application Deadline : March, 18th 2015

Additional Category: Coconut processing production sustainability

Type of Contract : Contracted by Bappeda Sarmi

Expected Duration of Assignment :6 months (extendable)


With focus on remote and disadvantaged regions, UNDP strengthens local governance capacities and improves socio-economic opportunities for the districts and their communities in identified vulnerable regions to increase vulnerable communities' skills to improve their livelihoods and have the ability to access financial services; and to work with the local government and private sectors in strengthening the local economic development initiatives. The target beneficiaries are mostly indigenous-agriculture communities and other local communities who have the potential to be engaged in micro, small and medium scale economic activities.
PCDP has put more emphasis on improving the economic welfare of communities, in particular indigenous Papuans. Output 3 of PCDP works in improving community welfare through sustainable livelihood in Papua and West Papua. It starts with pilots in 5 districts: Jayawijaya, Boven Digoel, Sarmi, FakFak and Manokwari.
One of the programme interventions is aimed to make an impact on the lives of the indigenous communities through livelihood training combined with strengthening the government's capacity by building a territory-based economic development institution or Local Economic Development Agencies (LEDA). By institutionalizing sustainable livelihoods for Papuan communities, the programme expects to facilitate income generation among the rural Papuans, and to create value added of any potential business or agriculture commodities produced in the pilot areas. At present, the PCDP has initiated the coconut based products in Sarmi, and other new local potential commodity, such as seafood.
three months to the end of PCDP, UNDP collaborates with Local Government in Sarmi District to establish Local economic development agency in district level to strengthen the government team with more technical capacity on Local Economic Development and to ensure long term sustainability and also engage local government buy in. In additional, 2 mini factories in sub-district level have been established.

Duties and Responsibilty

Mini factory Coordinator is tasked to trains and evaluates factory workers, who primarily work on coconut processing production lines. Coordinator analyzis production data and write reports that summarize factory output for use by Head of Subdistrict, Head Bappeda Sarmi and also Executives of the Local Economic Development Agency.
Mini Factory Coordinator also find ways to increase efficiency by researching production methods and ascertaining which machines are needed to meet their production goals. In addition, Coordinator ensures that all production procedures in line with the system, the target, and the health safety products.
Mini Factory Coordinator is in charge to look over the factory’s finances; He or She executes system a plan and strategy for the factory to be more systematic and organize; He or She ensures that safety regulations and policies are implemented among the factory workers; He or She takes responsibility on all the activities occurring in the factory may it be good or bad; lastly, Mini factory Coordinator ensures good relationships among the workers and that there are equal treatment applied to them.

Education and Training Requirements 

A mini factory coordinator is expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any course with 2 years experience. Trainings in managerial skills and years of experience in management are a plus in their application.
Knowledge and Skills Requirements 

The knowledge and skills of a mini factory coordinator include good leadership skills. He/She can give good motivations to every worker to do their best at work. He/She has good interpersonal relationship and communication skills both in oral and written. coordinator is good decision maker, analytical and logical. He/She possess an outstanding managerial skill. They are very open-minded and can practice equality. Mini Factory Coordinator is excellent in multi-tasking; she or he is in charge both in the administrative and managerial aspects of a mini factory/ company. 

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