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Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

The Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a German international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. In order to fulfill Indonesia´s international commitments in reducing national greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector as the third largest source of energy-related CO2 emission in Indonesia, a new project will be launched: “NAMA SUTRI” (Nationally appropriate mitigation actions – Sustainable Urban Transport in Indonesia). The programme is developed by the Ministry of Transport with the assistance of GIZ. It has been awarded through the NAMA FACILITY, which is funded by the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change as well as the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUB).

NAMA SUTRI aims in its pilot phase to contribute to climate change mitigation through establishing funding mechanisms for the financial promotion of sustainable urban infrastructure development as well as the provision of technical advisory services on such projects to seven pilot cities.
In a pilot phase NAMA SUTRI addresses urban transport infrastructure development promotion with specific focus on public transport improvement, parking management and non-motorised transport. NAMA SUTRI seeks a qualified Indonesian candidate for

Office Assistant & Driver

A.      Responsibilities
The incumbent is responsible for the
  • Facilitation of office routines and organization in general, as required; overall smooth, uninterrupted functioning of the office work
  • Cleanliness and orderliness of the office and its respective premises
  • Running of official errands and assisting with other office services
  • Safe and responsible driving of office vehicles, if needed; incl. routine maintenance and care of office vehicles (if existing), taking careful note of all available information concerning street conditions, effective routes and locations
  • Running of official errands and assisting with other office services

The finance manager performs the following tasks:
B.       Tasks
1.         Support in Office Communication and Administration
§  Supports office/project logistics, e.g. takes letters to the post office or to the courier
§  Makes photocopies and scans documents if and when required
§  Maintains office equipment and ensures that the fax and photocopy machines are always filled with toner
§  Engages in administrative support of the senior office manager as required

2.         Office Services
§  Contributes to orderly keeping of office premises 
§  Ensures the availability of supplies required in the office
§  Assists in the logistical management of the meeting room(s)
§  Ensures the availability of hot coffee and tea
§  Meets guests and visitors with a friendly demeanor
§  Serves coffee and tea to guests and visitors, during meetings, etc., as per request
§  Reports if stationary, drink stocks, etc. are almost finished

3.         General Services
§  Wears a proper uniform
§  Runs errands, e.g. buys lunch for office staff if and as required
§  Ensures the availability and proper functioning of necessary office supplies as well as office and IT equipment, including minor repairs of equipment and furniture
§  Reports major damages of office premises and equipment
§  Organizes and follows-up proper maintenance and repair of office premises and equipment
§  Assists in and/or carries out other activities and tasks, as assigned

4.         Driving and Chauffeuring
§  Drive office vehicles (if available) safely and chauffeur office staff, official visitors and guests to official destinations
§  Assists in the transport of goods

5.         Other duties/additional tasks
§  If there is no outside driving activity, s/he stands by in the office, supports other colleagues in case of need, and does other office work as assigned
§  Report any incident whilst off duty that may affect his/her driving license entitlement, as well as any newly known health problems that may affect his/her ability to drive
§  Take care of matters in relation with IT, electricity, e.g. cable, etc. in the office
§  Assist in and/or carries out other activities and any tasks as assigned

C.      Required qualifications, competences and experience
§  Secondary school

Professional experience
§  Preferably 3 years of working experience as a driver, with references
§  No history of major accidents within the past 3 years

Other knowledge, additional competences
§  Possession of a valid driver’s license
§  Very good knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia and proper English skills
§  Discipline and punctuality
§  Stress tolerance and patience
§  Familiarity with Jakarta and its surrounding
§  Willingness to further develop skills as required by the tasks to be performed 

Interested candidate should submit the application letter, CV with list of references (Max. 300 kb) to before 19th March 2015.  Please indicate your application by putting the following code in the subject line: OAD-NAMA-SUTRI

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