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Frankfurt Zoological Society

Frankfurt Zoological Society
Frankfurt Zoological Society’s goal is to work with and for people to secure biodiversity in key ecosystems worldwide as the basis for all life and the livelihoods of present and future generations. The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) operates since 2002 with the aim to establish a self sustainable orangutan population in the Bukit Tigapuluh Landscape. The program already released some 158 orangutans.

Orangutan reintroduction in Bukit Tigapuluh follows the soft release approach, this means post release protocols are followed over an extended period of time until the released animal is deemed capable to survive without additional support. Post release monitoring includes tracking of orangutans by means of radio telemetry, post release medical checks, if necessary supportive medication and supplemental feeding of new released orangutans.  

As the wildlife veterinarian position is field based at the reintroduction side only basic medical equipment is available. A good part of the work time will be spent checking on orangutans in the forests surrounding the release station.

The wildlife veterinarian will get some initial training at orangutan release centers before dispatched to work in Bukit Tigapuluh. After start working in Bukit Tigapuluh the wildlife veterinarian will medically work fully independent and self responsible as no medical supervisor is available. 

The Bukit Tigapuluh Landscape Conservation Program offers a vacancy for the following positions:

·         Wildlife Veterinarian

The successful candidate will work in the remote forests of Bukit Tigapuluh. The wildlife veterinarian will coordinate its work with the reintroduction station manager.


Job Title
Wildlife Veterinarian
Reporting to
FZS Operational Manager, FZS Program Director
Coordinating with
Reintroduction station manager, FZS Operational Manager
Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme
Terms of employment
Minimum two year contract (extension possible)
Province Jambi (Bukit Tigapuluh)
Job summary
The work of the Wildlife Veterinarian (WV) is field based. Medical facilities available are basic. Regular orangutan monitoring trips will be executed in cooperation with SOCP station staff and with the WPU radio telemetry tracking teams to check on orangutans already living independent in the forest of Bukit Tigapuluh. Work shifts are usually three weeks in the field (divided between two field stations, with one day off every five work days) followed by one week off duty. 
The candidate must be very flexible as the programme operates two field stations and a holding facility in Jambi city for more intensive care. Long hours of travel are part of the job.
Furthermore the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme is a cooperation between the North Sumatra based medical center at Batu Mebliin and the release site at Bukit Tigapuluh in Jambi. Difficult medical cases will be transferred to Batu Mbeliin for intensive treatment. The wildlife veterinarian needs to maintain close contact to the medical team at Batu Mbeliin and needs to be ready to travel to North Sumatra on request.    
       Monitors health conditions of orang-utan at the reintroduction centre
       Conduct weekly routine surveys (parasites)
       Monitors the behavioural enrichment programme
       Monitors hygienic conditions at the reintroduction centre
       Executes medical routine treatment of orang-utans at the facilities
       Treatment of acute diseases (mainly digestion problems)
       Treatment of accidents (wounds, fractures)
       Takes blood, urine and faeces samples for laboratory checks
       Executes post mortems
       Professional medical report writing
       Gathering information and data for regular reports depending on needs
       Supporting translocation of orang-utans
       Supporting Rescue of Wildlife animal with BKSDA or other conservation programme
       Represent FZS in Workshop (National and International)
       Accompany researcher or guest
Essential skills
       University degree in veterinary medicine
       Love to work outdoors
       Good physical and mental fitness to work extended periods in the field
       Ability to keep a cool head in fast-paced, stressful situations
       Ability to delegate appropriately according to skills and abilities of staff
       Able to share responsibilities of animal care as part of a team
       Judgment to know when to ask for help
       Able to work under pressure with minimum supervision
       Good report writing skills
       Computer literate
       Good interpersonal skills, communication skills and pleasant personality

How to apply

Updated CV and application letter should be sent to dirkumboh@yahoo.com 
(Cc to juliusp.siregar31@gmail.com )
Please fill the 'subject' column of the e-mails in this format by the name of the position <...> - your name <...>. 
(Only short-listed candidates will be notified).
Closing date for application is April 1st 2015.


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