Senin, 16 Maret 2015

Open Data Lab Jakarta/Web Foundation

Those interested in shaping/contributing to open data movement in Indonesia and the region, Open Data Lab Jakarta/Web Foundation offers the opportunity to join the Open Data team (deadline 01/04/2015). Details information can be obtained through

Open Data Developer
We are looking for a talented Open Data Developer to drive the Open Data Lab Jakarta’s portfolio of technical open data skills building activities and data innovation projects, including the Jakarta Open Data Initiative, the Freedom of Information and Open Data in Banda Aceh, Open Contracting Data projects and other activities in Indonesia and other countries in the region. You will be responsible for conducting, commissioning and supporting partners with technical and data skills training and capacity-building. You will be responsible for leading projects, developing tools, conducting trainings and advocating open data in the region. Your work will contribute to better open data practices and to build technical open data capacity in Indonesia and the countries in the region we work in.

Research and Innovation Manager
As the Jakarta Lab Research and Innovation Manager, you will be chiefly responsible for developing and managing the Jakarta Lab’s research and innovation projects. In this context, research activities refer to thematic research in the use and impact of open data in developing and emerging countries in the Asia Pacific region. Research activities also include documenting and/or identifying workable models, replicable trainings, and scalable open data projects that would help optimize open data benefits in the social, economic, and political spheres. In innovation, the Jakarta Lab is interested in implementing or supporting specific projects that increase or hasten access, analysis, understanding, interpretation, and dissemination of data to tackle specific social, economic and political challenges. Your job is to contribute towards building tools, knowledge products, process maps, and services that would increase the potential of open data to generate
wider social impact.

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