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EMPLOYEE JOB TITLE:                      Senior Programmer                                                        

JOB FUNCTION: We are looking for an IT Programmer to lead the design, development and maintenance of web base program and also mobile software. The Programmer will lead the entire app lifecycle right from concept stage until delivery and post launch support. The programmer will be mainly content based and integrated closely with the web sites. In addition to delivering the product the successful candidate will be heavily involved in driving the program for I-Fish. To work on database development and management for the I-Fish system and supporting projects. To work as a programmer for I-Fish and other systems that will be connected to I-Fish. Develop phone apps which are small scale fisheries relevant. To work on connecting various systems (I-fish, Pro-active vessel registry, This Fish, etc.)

-        Acting as lead IT Program  and/ or Android developer. Depending on the skills set can be lead on one platform and play a supporting role across the other
-        Working closely with another mobile app developer leading the other platform development
-        Deliver across the entire app life cycle –concept, design, build, deploy, test, release to app stores and support
-        Working directly with developers and product managers to conceptualise, build, test and realise products
-        Gather requirements around functionality and translate those requirements into elegant functional solutions
-        Build prototypes at tech scoping stage of projects
-        Working along the web developers to create and maintain a robust framework to support the apps
-        Working with the front end developers to build the interface with focus on usability features
-        Create compelling device specific user interfaces and experiences
-        Standardising the platform and in some cases apps to deliver across multiple brands with minimal duplication of effort
-        Optimising performance for the apps
-        Keep up to date on the latest industry trends in the mobile technologies
-        Explain technologies and solutions to technical and non-technical stake
 - Familiarity with Linux operating system (we use CentOS, which is very similar to Red Hat, but any other Linux Distro would work).
- Development of web interfaces (html and java) and content management systems (Drupal, APIs, Ruby on Rails).
- Development of post gresql databases (or any of the other open source databases).
- Familiar with Microsoft SQL Server

-      It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure efficiency and accuracy in all aspects of responsibilities above
-      To ensure that strong teams in the field sites are well informed and can communicate aspects of the SM job to the stakeholders (using the field teams to become agents of change) and that these teams are kept motivated to implement their responsibilities
-      To ensure a high standard of work is produced and reported to management by the supervisory level of field workers.
Project related competencies
Solution Development and Delivery
  • Understands technical and functional design requirements.
  • Assists in physical and logical database design.
  • Creates prototypes for client engagements.
  • Designs, codes, and tests technical solutions.
  • Identifies system deficiencies and recommends solutions.

Project Execution
  • Leads small teams of developers.
  • Assists in enforcement of development deadlines and schedules.
  • Understands the necessity of and contributes to coding standards.
  • Develops internal and external meeting objectives and agendas.
  • Prioritises multiple tasks effectively.

Relational Databases
  • Understands advanced relational database concepts.
  • Demonstrates proficiency with physical and logical database design.
  • Writes effective stored procedures.
  • Possesses demonstrated work experience with at least one relational database management system.

Programming Languages
  • Demonstrates proficiency in at least one structured programming language.
  • Creates effective XSL stylesheets.
  • Reads and understands XML schemas.

  • Understands client server and internet system architecture.
  • Demonstrates familiarity with object and component methodology and technology.
  • Understands DCOM/CORBA or equivalent.
  • Identifies appropriate use of COM objects.

Professional qualities
  • Follows through with commitments and fosters mutual trust with fellow employees.
  • Assumes additional responsibility without being asked.
  • Encourages fellow team members to make innovative contributions and embrace new ideas.

  • Proactively initiates, develops, and maintains effective working relationships with team members.
  • Understands the strengths and weaknesses of each team member.
  • Demonstrates the ability to co-operate with a variety of people and achieve results.

Organisational responsibilities
Professional Development
  • Proactively seeks opportunities to broaden and deepen knowledge base and proficiencies.
  • Shares acquired skills with team members through formal and informal channels.
  • Encourages more junior employees to take responsibility for their development within the company.

·        Highly competitive monthly salary
·        BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (JHT, JKK, JK)
·        Health insurance for employee and dependents
·        Tunjangan Hari Raya
·        Salary annual raise upon satisfactory performance
·        PPh 21
·        18 (eighteen) days annual leave accrual besides weekend and public holiday.

Please send most recent CV and example of work product to hr@mdpi.or.id before 27 March 2015.

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