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ISEAN-Hivos – HIV/AIDS (MARPS) Round 10                                      
Issuance Date: 02 March 2015
ISEAN-Hivos-GF-R10-HIV/AIDS – Consultant comic artist to develop a comic book under the ISEAN-Hivos Programme - “Strengthening community systems to reduce vulnerability to and impact of HIV infection on MSM and TG in Insular Southeast Asia”.
Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Timor Leste show an increasing trend of HIV prevalence among men who have sex with men (MSM) and Transgender people (TG). In all four countries, national HIV strategies and plans identify MSM and TG as priority groups and outline strategies to provide targeted HIV services.  Widespread stigma and discrimination due to cultural and religious norms imply that MSMs and TGs are marginalized and are difficult to reach through existing HIV–related government services. This has also resulted to MSMs and TGs having limited opportunities to be organized or have a “voice” in local, national and regional policy making and service delivery. Data and research about risks and vulnerabilities to guide interventions for MSMs and TGs are also very limited.
In sharing and raising awareness on the MSMs and TGs issues, it is important to do it in various channels to ensure in reaching the most of the communities. There are many ways to advocate and raise awareness, in traditional and modern ways. A well executed comic book, full of information that delivered in a creative and interesting way can hold the attention of the readers for long and can be a very effective tool in knowledge sharing.
ISEAN, partnering with Hivos, as the Principal Recipient of the grant, is looking for a capable consultant and/or consultant group of comic artist to conduct activity to enhance usability of ISEAN ICT-products to support knowledge sharing and storing. Specifically, the following will be provided by the consultant to address the Grant’s requirements:
1.       Develop a proposal and work plan for the activity;
2.       Develop a comic book compilation based on the provided scripts and/or storyboards;
3.       Provide inputs and feedbacks on how to execute the activity to the very best;
4.       Conduct a discussion session with ISEAN Board and Secretariat prior to finalizing the deliverables; and
5.       Coordinate with the ISEAN Board, ISEAN Secretariat and ISEAN-Hivos Program in the dissemination and/or publication of results.
Key Qualifications
1.       Established and demonstrated expertise in  hand-drawing and digital drawing, with a strong portfolio to prove;
2.       Familiarity with the concerns of MSMs and TGs in the ISEAN region context,
3.       Preferably resident of one of ISEAN-Hivos country and with experience working in one of the country,
4.       Fluency in written and spoken English,
5.       Preferably with experience working with Global Fund Programs.
The selected Consultant will be engaged for a minimum of 10 days distributed within a one month period and to start in March, 2014.
An Expression of Interest (EoI) letter, together with the applicant’s CV must be sent to the email below by 12th March 2015 at 17:00 hrs. Western Indonesia Time:
Please fill the “subject” column of the e-mails in this format: <EoI code>
Examples: < ISEAN IHP I-17>-
Based on the initial set of EoIs, applicants will be formally invited to complete their application through the submission of a concept note and indicative work plan.

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