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Kopernik is an exciting, fast-growing, cutting-edge organisation tackling technology distribution challenges. We emphasise a hybrid philanthropy-business model in achieving our mission - different from the traditional charity approach of giving away goods and services for free.
Our team works tirelessly to put the last mile first. Our culture shapes the way we work. We value action, we get things done, we are open and transparent in everything we do, and we always look for ways to innovate. We come to work with a smile, which is easy when a strict no jerks policy applies.


The IT Associate is responsible for the oversight of the IT needs of all offices under the specific contract, including system installations, maintenance, support and technical consultations to end-users. She/he is responsible for ensuring that standards set by the Kopernik are followed and that the most efficient and effective IT solutions are applied.  
Responsibilities of the IT Associate also include maintaining the LANs (Local Area Network) and WANs (Wide Area Network) at Kopernik Head Office as well as the project offices. She/he must also ensure that proper backup, antivirus and disaster recovery procedure are implemented and that end-users have access to shared files, wireless access, printers and emails. 
The IT Associate will coordinate and report to the Kopernik Operations Manager for daily operations.


  • Education: Bachelor degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Information Technology from an accredited institution
  • Minimum of 4 years experience installing/supporting/maintaining a wide range of IT infrastructure systems (Windows Servers, Windows PCs, Backups, Printers, Scanners, Voice, etc) in multiple locations
  • Ability to complete tasks in a timely manner under limited supervision.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia & English
  • Teamplayer.
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Positive attitude, hard working, reliable, motivated, and passionate about social impact.
  • Indonesian national.


  • Maintain network infrastructure including ISP, router, Mikrotik, Wireless Access Point, Ethernet switches/hubs, printers, faxes, scanner, etc
  • Maintain Wide Area Network connectivity (internet connection and services, device configuration and maintenance) in all locations
  • Maintain Kopernik servers and develop its standards and regulations 
  • Perform IT Support 
    • Ensure Windows and other software is maintained and that patches are promptly applied
    • Ensure anti-virus software is installed and both the engine and signature files are kept current
    • Develop the Kopernik Policies and Procedures for back up and maintenance and ensure its compliance
    • Conduct a software/hardware audit of all the Kopernik staff laptops  to Ensure that only licensed software is installed on each of Kopernik’s computer
    • Provide user support on hardware, networking and software related issues by implementing a technical support queue that allows staff to submit technical issues and provide support on scheduled basis. 
    • Configure and troubleshoot laptops/desktops/printers/other shared devices problems
    • Recommend and source new hardware as needed
    • Implement an office VOIP phone
    • Set up a rotating backup system for staff laptops
    • Evaluate IT products/services whenever  required
  • Maintain voice communications and audio meeting preparation – eg. conference room systems
  • Supports IT needs on CiviCRM development and maintenance
  • Develop a Kopernik Information security policies, procedures and standards and ensure its compliance 
  • Manage Google Apps
  • Manage local server including file systems
  • Work together with Program Manager or IT focal point to ensure the smooth operation of IT infrastructure in field offices


Please send your CV, cover letter and one minute video explaining why you're perfect for the job via our online application form. https://www.kopernik.ngo/page/careers
Applicants who are interviewed successfully could be expected to complete a test to demonstrate the necessary skills.

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