Jumat, 21 Agustus 2015


Recruiting for field-based positions in corruption prevention to serve on an upcoming USAID-funded project in Indonesia. Experienced Indonesian nationals only, please. 

Role Descriptions
Team Leader/Public Sector Accountability Adviser: The Team Leader/Public Sector Accountability Adviser will work to strengthen the ability of accountability agencies to prevent corruption and support collaboration between other strategic government institutions. The Team Leader will develop networks and systems among various accountability agencies and other strategic agencies to support a comprehensive corruption prevention action plan.
Institutional Building and Civil Service Specialist: The Institutional Building and Civil Service Specialist will enhance bureaucratic transparency and accountability by strengthening administrative reform efforts by working with key ministries and supporting the implementation of corruption prevention policies. 
Advocacy and Public Information Campaign Specialist: The Advocacy and Public Information Campaign Specialist will enhance engagement between accountability agencies, the media, and civil society to focus on more integrated corruption prevention campaigns. This role includes promoting better public access to information and supporting the collaborative process between accountability agencies and the media on corruption prevention efforts.
Local Stakeholder and Civil Society Specialist: The Local Stakeholder and Civil Society Specialist will be responsible for strengthening the prevention of corruption in sub-national governments and civil society. This will include following up with audit findings to strengthen fraud prevention capacity and coordination in budget planning and execution processes in other strategic sectors.
Project Assistant: The project assistant will support project activities designed to strengthen Government of Indonesia accountability institutions including, but not limited to, developing and supporting trainings, overseeing grantees, and helping to support the development of a comprehensive corruption prevention action plan.  

Interested applicants should send a detailed CV to indonesia.delrecruit@gmail.com as soon as possible. 

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