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Australia Awards in Indonesia

Australia Awards in Indonesia require Researchers to lead a Feasibility Study: Improving Pathways to Australia Awards Scholarships.
We are seeking a Team Leader (ARF D4) as well as a Higher Education Specialist (Indonesian Citizen) to undertake this activity.
We appreciate any referrals you may have or please forward this email onto your network. Kindly direct interested candidates to apply online following the instructions below.
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Details of the opportunity are as follows:
The Program
Australia Awards Indonesia (AAI) is managed by Coffey on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Australia Awards is an integral part of Australia’s development cooperation program with Indonesia and have enjoyed strong support from both governments for more than sixty years.
Australia Awards address two key challenges: to fill a gap in the pool of individuals with the higher-level capacity to contribute to Indonesia’s development; and the need for a strong deep relationship based on mutual understanding between Australia and Indonesia.
The Positions
The program is seeking two qualified researchers to lead a Feasibility Study on Improving Pathways to Australia Award Scholarships.  The purpose of the study is to explore options for maximum engagement with Australia Awards, by identifying access barriers faced by prospective candidates through an examination of possible ‘academic pathways’, which could address these barriers.  The inputs required are short term - 34 days input over 4 months, with inputs in required from the incumbents home base as well as inputs in Jakarta.
Team Leader – COFF-4600
This leadership position requires broad knowledge and experience in the feasibility and design of programs for development agencies, together with sound knowledge of tertiary (particularly higher) education systems in developing countries. This key role will lead the overall management and deliverables of the Feasibility study to:
·         ensure background research, consultations with key stakeholders, briefings and reports are provided to the Australia Awards Office and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).
·         lead the team in undertaking all tasks associated with the Scope Of Services.
Classified as Discipline D, Level 4 DFAT’s Adviser Remuneration Framework (For full details please view via www.dfat.gov.au)
Higher Education Specialist – COFF-4601 (Reserved for Indonesian citizens only)
The post-holder will have extensive knowledge and experience of tertiary (particularly higher) education in Indonesia, to:
·         support the Team Leader through technical advice and by contributing specialised input on methodology for the study plan.
·         provide guidance and support in making connections with relevant Indonesian stakeholders and assisting the Team Leader with consultation and liaison.
How to Apply
Please visit www.coffey.com/careers  for detailed position descriptions and to apply online.
Please search by the COFF reference number mentioned above.
For further enquiries, please contact internationaldevelopment@coffey.com
Applications close 9pm (GMT) 12 October 2014

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