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Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program 1 (SIAP 1)
Terms of Reference
Position                     : Administration Consultant for Court Recording
(1 National – Application Admin)
Number of days       : 340 days ( 20 days a month )
Duration of Contract          :  October 2014 – December 2015 (Full Time)
Background and Objectives 
SIAP 1 supported one of Indonesia’s government institution in developing a software application. Now, it is seeking to ensure the transfer and sustainability of the program. Therefore, SIAP 1 seeks to hire consultants to support the transfer. The Consultant will work on a full-time basis and day-to-day supervision will be conducted by a Government of Indonesia employee from the activity beneficiary. 
To improve the effectiveness of combating corruption, the institution has conducted court recording  on corruption cases program inconjuction with several universities in Indonesia. MSI-SIAP 1 supports the program in design and analysis phases, including the development of a database. In 2013, the development of the application was completed and the product had been launched to 33 university partners. The university partners are users who input the datas of recorded cases. Consultants will be assigned to manage this application under the supervision of the GOI beneficiary.
1.      Ensure the technical running of court recording activities
2.      Ensure the administrative work on court recording
3.     Ensure the handover of court recording program
A.     Ensure the court recording activities by universities run properly
                    I.            Support helpdesk for the database application
                  II.            Deal with minor repairs of the court recording tools
B.     Ensure the administrative functioning of court recording program
               I.                   As administrator of APiK
                                      i.                    Updating court recording data
                                     ii.                   Manage changes of data at APiK menu
C.      Ensure the transfer of court monitoring program
               I.     Administer the transfer of court monitoring program from the beneficiary to the new selected stakeholder.
a)     Hold a bachelor degree/third diploma in information technology, computer technology or informatics management
b)     Preferably have experience working on projects related to the legal field.
c)      Have experience working with government agency
Application should include a cover letter, CV (including three references) and contact number by October 17, 2014 at the latest.
Please send applications indicating ‘APiK Application Admin’ as the subject of your email addressed to Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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