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Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)GmbH

The Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)GmbH is a German international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. PAKLIM, a Program advising and supporting the national government, local governments and industries with climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives. Our Work Area 3 in GHG-Reduction and Energy Efficiency in Industries, Industrial Estates seeks qualified Indonesian candidates for

Junior Technical Project Professional

A.      Responsibilities
§  Provide support to the team leader and other experts for whom the technical officer performs technical tasks
§  Coordinating project activities
§  Carrying out specific research tasks which are required for planning the implementation of project
B.       Tasks on industry mitigation models & policy
§  Facilitate working group on voluntary agreements (e.g. with the cement industry) and proactively approaching additional target groups (e.g. pulp & paper, industrial estates) to develop similar voluntary agreements on mitigation measures with the relevant ministries

§  Prepare and manage capacity building activities on energy management, energy services and access to funding for energy efficiency for various target groups including: local service providers, ministerial staff, and other relevant stakeholders

§  Ensure and deepen continuous communication and exchange between the industry team, its public partners and representatives from the Indonesian industry sectors

§  Coordination between international and national consultants in customizing existing tools, measures and concepts regarding climate change mitigation to local and national conditions
§  Contribute to further strategy development for how to best support the component’s partners in contributing to meeting the government’s climate change mitigation commitments
§  Use existing networks and experience to identify, involve and support additional actors from both public and private sectors towards the program’s objectives

C.   Support for administrative officers
§  Coordinate and supervise the organization and preparation of workshops, conferences, trainings, seminars, minute-taking and translation tasks

§  Elaborating concepts and products like handbooks, guidelines, etc.

§  Conduct the result based monitoring system for component 3

§  Documentation  of successful outputs achievement and ensuring the knowledge transfer

D.      General tasks
§  Carries out important tasks for the project/programme, even if these are not explicitly cited in the job description

E.       Other duties/additional tasks
Special tasks, which are relevant to the project, have to be undertaken on request of the Principal Advisor or Senior Advisor

Required qualifications, competences and experience Formal education
§  University degree in international relations, development, engineering, or environmental management
Professional experience Professional experience
§  At least 1 years of relevant professional experience, including project management
§  Background in environmental management systems, energy/ eco efficiency, environmental technology
§  Experience in developing and facilitating capacity development programs, tools and training modules, ideally linked to the climate change topic (mitigation)
§  Good knowledge of the working modes of the Indonesian public and private sectors
§  Networks into both public and private sectors in Indonesia regarding climate change issues
Other knowledge, additional competences
§   Language skills: excellent spoken and written English and Indonesian
§   Good interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills and ability to utilize appropriate language/argumentation for different types of stakeholders, i.e. public partners, private sector partners, NGOs, donors, etc.
§   Demonstrated ability to take initiative and work independently while also having the skills and interests to work effectively within teams and networks
§   Demonstrated ability to do conceptual work, critical thinking, successfully implement concepts, and be able to monitor, adjust, and report on results achieved
§   Have a personal preference and orientation towards implementation

Interested candidate should submit the application letter, CV and list of references to before 10th November 2014.  Please indicate your application by putting the following code in the subject line: JTPP-WA3

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