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KARINA (Caritas Indonesia)

Job Title:                     Finance Coordinator
Location:                     Central Jakarta
Division:                      Support Division
Date:                           a.s.a.p.
KARINA (Caritas Indonesia) is the humanitarian arm of the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia based in Central Jakarta and is officially considered as a member of the Caritas Internationalist confederation. Established in mid-2006, it recently completed its first strategic planning in early 2008. One of the results of the strategic planning is the identification of three main divisions: Programs Division, Support Division and Total Quality Management Division. KARINA acts as a coordinating and facilitating body for all the 37 Dioceses incorporated under the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia.
The Support Division is comprised of four areas: Accounting/Finance, Administration & HRD
The Finance Coordinator report to the Finance & Support Manager
The contract will be one year with the possibility for extension
The Finance Coordinator has the overall responsibilities for the efficient operations of the finance division and ensures timely delivery of periodic financial reports to Finance & Support Manager and will continue to  KARINA’s Executive Director, Treasurer and other stakeholders as well as complying with professional accounting standards and Caritas Internationalist (CI) Minimum Financial Standards. And also responsible for carrying out in:
1.    Finance Program.
2.    In charge of Finance budget.
3.    Focus person on Finance.
4.    Supervise Finance staffs.

1.    Designing the Finance Program.
a.    Provide special fund which is available with simple and flexible procedures so it can be used rapidly to help the affected people.
b.    Provide forms to facilitate cash flow, and facilitate data clarification. (Need to print some forms or slips)
c.    Together with management establish simple rules in financial procedures to be accepted by all staffs.
d.    Provide recommendation to head of institutions of financial policy and strategy.
e.    Conduct and implement procedure system which compliance the Accounting Standard and CI guidelines.
f.     Conduct guidelines for financial system to partners and supervise financial system implementation to local partner.
g.    Plan how to optimize idle funds (short term or long term) which exist in organization.
h.    Carry out an accountable financial structure and sustainability guaranteed.
i.      Conduct short term, midterm and long term financial plan to assure the improvement of institutional financial capacity.
j.      Prepare documents and letters needed for Karina office’s transaction with other institution.
2.    In charge of Finance budget.
a.    Maintains  of accounts (donor code, vendor code, diocesan code and chart of accounts)
b.    Prepare and maintains Income/Grants from CI, Personal Donation, Fund Raising and Institutional Fee
c.    Maintains  for all prepaid Expenses, AR/AP
d.    Responsible for organization overall budget
e.    Prepare program Cost and Consolidate All Project Report.
f.     Coordinate planning for project funds by cooperating with Program Coordinator.
g.    Coordinate with Program Coordinator to write budget together, whether global budget or detail budget and support the Program Coordinator in the development of annual project budgets and in the development of budgets for new projects.
h.    Coordinate monitoring organization budget and for each project.
i.      Assists in the design, development and implementation of financial procedures and system. These must be in compliance with Caritas Internationalis’s Minimum Financial Standards and accepted by recognized financial accounting firm that has experiences in working with NGOs.
j.      Responsible for developing an official Financial Guidelines for KARINA in order to improve efficiency of finance function and to meet KARINA and donors requirements for transparent and rigorous procedure by Indonesia and International’ audit standards and to socialize it to other team members  so as to ensure that KARINA complies with these guidelines.
k.    Provide information and advice to Program Coordinator on budgets, cash flow and procurements, etc
l.      Undertake final checking of requests for cash advances, reimbursements, purchase orders, etc
3.    Focus person on Finance.
a.    Establish cooperation with donors and financial institution for fund sustainability and system support.
b.    Assist institutional management in lobbying for strengthening financial institution and guarantee sustainability.
c.    Preserve a supportive working condition with organizational units for smooth work.
d.    Cooperate with Fundraiser division to increase institutional financial capacity.
e.    Make a concerted effort for institution’s financial effectiveness from different activities.
f.     Coordinate fund allocation for institution operational cost and project cost.
g.    Manage institutional cash flow to be accountable and well planned.
h.    Responsible for financial report which meet the standard of reporting and timely.
i.      Provide feedback to heads of organization about organization’s financial condition and recommendation action.
j.      Prepare financial report to be audited by Public Accountant.
k.    Responsible for the overall operations of the Finance division.
l.      Responsible for ensuring that all financial procedures ( petty cash, banking matters ) for all projects are adhered to.
m.   Ensure proper allocation of project funds as determined by the project purpose and project agreement with donors.
n.    Distribute  project funding  to the implementing partners to ensure  projects are accomplished within the proposed plan and time frame.
o.    Monitor project financing through evaluation of implementing partners’ reports and/or related divisions of KARINA and subsequently provide consolidation of reports.
p.    Implement and perform key financial controls, such a bank reconciliations, at least monthly.
q.    Prepare and send out accurate and reliable financial reports for all projects as required by KARINA, donors, auditors, partners and Program Coordinator.
r.     Support Program Coordinator in the development of annual project budgets and in the development of budgets for new projects.
s.     Recommend any additional financial procedures/policies to the Executive Director, as deemed appropriate.
t.      Travel to KARINA’s project sites.
4.    Supervise Finance staffs.
a.    Assist recruitment process and build financial division staff’s capacity.
b.    Supervises the Finance Assistant and Project Finance Officer and conduct the staff performance review for the staff that she supervised.
Minimum Qualifications
·         Graduate from D3/S1/S2 economic (Accounting/Finance)
·         Minimum of 3 years experience as a Finance Manager;
·         Good knowledge in Financial Management of NGO, specifically in project budget and financial reporting;
·         Understand of Indonesian Tax Regulations;
·         Excellent computer skill, especially MS Excel and knowledge of other Microsoft Office suite of programs;
·         Experience in using accounting software;
·         Fluency in written and oral English is compulsory;
·         Excellent written and oral communication skills;
·         Demonstrated ability to coordinate, design and conduct training in financial management;
·         Experience and knowledge of managing development funds including submitting proposals, reporting on and acquitting of funds;
·         Diligent, honest and mature worker, willing to work under pressure;
·         Able to work independently and under minimum supervision, but with a spirit of teamwork;
·         Strong communication and presentation skills;
·         Tactful and excellent analytical thinking; and,
·         A commitment to work within the principles and values of Catholic Social Teaching;
Application, CV and contact details for 3 references should be submitted by e-mail to:  at the latest 18 October 2014

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