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Indonesia Urban Water Sanitation and Hygiene (IUWASH) Project

The Indonesia Urban Water Sanitation and Hygiene (IUWASH) Project (or, the “Project”) is a sixty-month program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented under the leadership of DAI. IUWASH works with government, the private sector, NGOs, community groups and other stakeholders to improve access to safe water supply and sanitation in Indonesia’s urban areas. The overall goal of IUWASH is to assist the Government of Indonesia (GOI) in making significant progress in achieving its safe water and sanitation Millennium Development Goal (MDG) targets by expanding access to these services. The expected results to be achieved are: 2 million people in urban areas gain access to improved water supply; 250,000 people in urban areas gain access to improved sanitation facilities; and the per unit water cost paid by the poor in targeted areas decreases by at least 20%. To achieve the above, assistance provided by the project is divided under three main technical components, including: 
1.     Mobilizing demand for water supply and sanitation service delivery; 
2.     Improving and expanding capacity for water and sanitation service delivery; and
3.     Strengthening policy and the financial enabling environment for improved water supply and sanitation service delivery.

IUWASH has the mandate to support and attract financing from private sector (CSR) to enhance IUWASH program objectives. IUWASH also has mandate to assist local governments and PDAMs in
preparing and implementing climate change adaptation measures, based on preliminary raw water sources vulnerability assessments. IUWASH has recently developed a joint program with Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI-CSR) to increase recharge in catchment areas of springs used by PDAM to serve the City of Salatiga and Semarang district. The project will continue a successful approach applied by IUWASH in Sibolangit and Pematang Siantar (North Sumatra) and Mojokerto (East Java) which promotes the installation by local communities of infiltration ponds in spring catchments to collect rainwater runoff. The approach includes the provision of training in pond construction, quality control, system operation, and regular monitoring through measuring changes in flow. USAID/IUWASH will continue this approach by introducing and replicating this best practice in other areas to help local water utilities (PDAMs) to replenish their raw water supply with CSR PDAM and other CSR Firms/Companies.
To achieve these objectives IUWASH need high caliber incumbent to fill the positions of

Project Liaison for Climate Change and CSR Program (PLC3)
based in Kabupaten Batang, Central Java. (Job Code: PLC3-CJ)

USAID/IUWASH in partnership with PDAM will implement a “water replenish” project in Kabupaten Batang, Central Java. The project objective is to facilitate recharging of spring aquifer (Desa Bismo/ Bismo Spring area and Desa Tambakboyo Gunung/ Watulumbung Spring area in Kab. Batang) which contributes to the drinking water supply for Kab. Batang. Over the last years discharge has been deteriorating at a rate of 5 - 10 % per year.
Therefore to overcome the problems it IUWASH together with PDAM Batang will implement reforestation programs and infiltration ponds in both areas is through PDAM CSR and Companies CSR, the division of tasks and co-operation include the following:

1. Community Development will be facilitated by IUWASH
2. Construction of 80 ponds Infiltration by IUWASH
3. Reforestation/Reboisasi will be carried out by PDAM Batang as a form of CSR
4. Addition construction infiltration ponds and reforestation/Reboisasi will be realized through the mechanism of Firms/Companies CSR by facilitating and strengthening CSR forum

As part of the IUWASH Central Java Regional Team , the Project Liaison will  support all involved stakeholders (KEPALA DESA, PDAM, PEMKAB, IUWASH and COMPANIES-CSR) during the implementation of the Batang Water Replenish Project and CCVAAP-CSR Program, including planning, implementation, monitoring, maintaining relations, troubleshooting and regular reporting. This Project Liaison will be supervised on day-to-day basis by the Central Java Regional Coordinator and UWSS and further supported technically by the Jakarta-based Raw Water & Climate Change Team (for technical aspect) and M&E Advisor/Regional Program CSR/BCC.

Specific tasks for this Assignment include, but are not limited to the following 3 subtasks
1) Support Coordinator UWSS and BCC-CSR as executor programm for this program, in Batang. There are some specific tasks as follows:
  • Planning: Support the team of PDAM and IUWASH in the discussion and preparation of project strategy and work plan for community mobilization, training, construction, campaigns, etc, in consultation and cooperation with CSR Forum, and the companies that will carry out CSR for Infiltration ponds and Reforestation/Reboisasi.
  • Implement project preparation with socialization and community development in Desa Bismo and Desa Tambakboyo Gunung in preparation for the construction of infiltration ponds and reforestation/Reboisasi.
  • Make an assessment together with community groups formed in the location and determining the point of infiltration ponds and reforestation/reboisasi in Desa Bismo and Desa Tambakboyo Gunung.
  • Assist in preparing the implementation of the construction UWSS infiltration ponds in the bidding process constructors.
  • Monitoring, Supervision and verification of the implementation of the construction implementation of infiltration ponds and reforestation in Desa Bismo and Desa Tambakboyo Gunung, so contruction be good quality and in accordance with the design criteria. Support the team in planning, implementation and monitoring of field activities (in particular, the installation of infiltration ponds), including scheduling of community teams, detailed layout of ponds, procurement of materials, transport, storage, physical construction, and quality control.
  • Assist the implementation of development infiltration ponds and reforestation/reboisasi raised from CSR firms/Companies in Kabupaten Batang.
  • Management: Supervision and monitoring the Contractor in management and administration of project human resources, administration and project finance in accordance with IUWASH, PDAM and Firms/Companies requirements.
  • Conduct monitoring and support all steps of the development of CCVAAP in Kabupaten Batang. The steps are 1). Initial site assessment; 2). Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA) Baseline Study; 3) Asset Risk Matrix (ARM); 4) Workshop with PDAM Operators and LG (SKPD); 5) Synthesize Workshop Result and Prepare VAAP Draft Report; 6) Decision-Makers Workshop; 7) Finalize CCVAAP Report; 8) Integration of Result into Business Plan; 9) Support Implementation of Adaptations Measure.
  • Conduct coordination with PDAM Kota Batang, and Local Government to support the completion of the steps of the development of CCVAAP.
  • If necessary it will be support for Climate Change and CSR programs in the other Kabupaten / Kota at Central Java.

1)    Project Quality Control:
On behalf of IUWASH, PDAM and Firms/Companies conduct regular quality control on Contractors performance, covering all project aspects, including, but not limited to the establishment and maintenance of strong relations with local communities, construction of infiltration ponds (timeliness, quality of work, placement), and project administration (financial, human resources, procurement, etc.).

2)    Project Reporting:
Provide regular information (reports, factsheets, success stories, etc.) to IUWASH, PDAM, Firms/Companies and where required other stakeholders (local governments, community groups, etc.), where required.

·         Possess at least a university degree; preferably in water resources management, civil/environmental engineering.
·         At least 4 years of experience working on institutional and community-based water supply program, preferably with international organization
·         Excellent interpersonal skills, with experience in community facilitation, training and organizing work
·         Hands on experience in supervision construction project at the local area.
·         Able to work independently in limited supervision/facility as well as a team player with a range of people
·         Computer literate and proficient in Microsoft Office tools
·         Excellent speaking and writing skills in Bahasa and good in English.


Interested applicants are invited to send a complete application with 3 references to by 2 (two) weeks of the advertisement.
Please write the JOB CODE in the subject line of the email. We regret that we are unable to acknowledge receipt of all applications and only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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