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Conservation International

Working in 30+ countries globally, Conservation International (CI) Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to empowering societies to responsibly and sustainably care for nature for the good of humanity. At Conservation International we are constantly growing and expanding into areas new and old. With each step, we need more and more hands. We are in the process of recruiting consultant for:

Database Consultant (Job Code: DC)
The Sustainable Landscapes Partnership (SLP) is an integrated climate change, sustainable agriculture, forest management, and low carbon emissions development program implemented collaboratively by the Government of Indonesia (GOI), USAID/Indonesia, Walton Family Foundation, and Conservation International.  SLP is focused on catalyzing low carbon private sector investment in specific landscapes of high conservation value in Indonesia over a five-year period. SLP will invest in low carbon and Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) development activities and business models that seek to reduce or eliminate deforestation and associated CO2 emissions. Currently, SLP is working at three sites in Sumatera, namely Mandailing Natal (Madina), Tapanuli Selatan (TapSel), and Tapanuli Utara (TapUt) districts with expansion into three to four districts in West Papua.  SLP aims to establish a replicable model of public-private partnerships that foster low carbon development opportunities, thereby helping to address global climate change and contribute to economic growth.

As a part of SLP improved program implementation to emphasize the importance of the analysis and reporting of information collected by SLP staff and grantee, SLP intends to develop an Information Management and Reporting (IMR) System based web and intranet to perform the following main functions:

-         Interactive Internal and external PMP Reporting System.
-      Information storage, Management and Analysis in a comprehensive relational database which can be accessed by various users through web.

The Database Programmer will be primarily responsible for the ongoing development of user interfaces, maintaining and reports related to this relational database.  
Under the guidance of the SLP’s Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist and SLP’s Deputy Chief of Party, the database developer will be responsible for the development, overall maintenance of databases and applying the modifications and required upgrades.

Detailed Tasks:

   1.    Developing a website interface to enable staff to monitor program implementation and to enable each employee to record           program data, and possible to link to a community database generated from a mobile system (phone or any android system)       and online record device.
Developing a database on website interface to monitor the 13 indicators input data and data stored in database structure, including:
-          Interlink applications forms for data collection related to all aspects of PMP Tracker
-          Developing automate the input of data into the database structure
-          Developing automate the electronic storage/filing of photos and other files related to all aspects of PMP Tracker
-     Developing and maintaining storage mechanisms and database structures for data related to all aspects of PMP  Tracker. Including addressing domain access that the volume storage can be growing progressively.
-          Developing automate and interlink reporting with graphs and any information needed that designed by user
-          Activating security option for each user by a username & a password.
The initial contract duration will take place in 40 working days for two months period (October 1 to November 30). And will be continued for phase II, maintaining and upgraded software base on needs.   The numbers of days are illustrative. The consultant will propose number of days for achieving each of the TOR’s deliverables.
a.     2 working days of Reviewing the creation and detailed information description (information flow, control flow, report design)
b.     3 working days of analysis and creation of a detailed design functional specifications including architectural design; procedural design and control; computational; coding and testing control; integrate all modules into operational software
c.     26 working days for application software development
d.     2 working days for software initial testing and finalizing
e.     7 working days for installation software application at Jakarta-based office and North Sumatera area.
f.      3-4 working days in a month for maintaining, trouble shooting and upgrading the system.
Minimum Qualifications:

- Min. 3 years of experience in developing web-based applications, MySQL Database; SQL Injection Security.
- Bachelor (S1) Degree in Information Technology is highly desired for individual.
- Good analytical and trouble shooting skills and attention to detail.
- Good oral and written skills in English.
Apply your passion, skills, and talents to helping us protect the most important places around the world.
If you require for detailed information regarding application and complete Terms of Reference, please email to ypakpahan@conservation.org by 3 October 2014 the latest. Closing date for the application is 5 October 2014. Please indicate the JOB CODE in the subject line of the email. We regret that we are unable to acknowledge receipt of all applications and only shortlisted candidates will be notified. For more information about CI, please visit our web:  www.conservation.or.id / http://www.conservation.org

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