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ACF International

Founded in 1979, ACF International (Action Against Hunger) is an international humanitarian organization that delivers programs in over 40 countries. Recognized worldwide as a leader in the fight against hunger, our mission is to save lives through the prevention, detection, and treatment of malnutrition, especially during and after emergency situations and conflicts.

Currently,  UNICEF and ACF have just started a new project on Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) in Nusa Tenggara Timur. ACF and UNICEF will work in partnership to provide technical assistance to improve the management of acute malnutrition in children aged less than five years in Kupang District in Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) Province.

This program proposes to build the evidence base on how to effectively integrate the CMAM approach into routine health service delivery in Indonesia and ensure it is linked with other essential health and nutrition services to prevent and treat both moderate and severe acute malnutrition and other forms of under-nutrition. In addition, it will examine ways to better integrate the provision of WASH and CMAM services. 
In order to reach its goal, ACF Indonesia Mission is seeking a qualified candidate for the position of Data Analyst – as part on the program team to be based in KUPANG, East NusaTenggara/NTT.

Initial Contract duration : 12 months with possibility of extension
Reporting to : Nutrition and Health Program Manager

Starting date : 8 December  2014

Technical Knowledge and Skills
    §  Knowledge of IT software packages of SPSS; EPI-ENA and ACCESS (to be specified in function of the nature of the                project): an advantage in development of Nutrition and integration works
    §  Have knowledge in ‘ANTHROPOMETRY’ for acute and chronic condition
    §  Min. of 2 years experience work on data management or related field.
    §  Experience of using of SPSS; EPI-ENA (SMART)
    §  Preferable with experience in Health/Nutrition field.
General Requirements :
    §  Good knowledge and ability to learn to use new software
    §  Attention to detail - Diligence - Rigour - Autonomy - Organisation
    §  Flexibility - Analytical and summarizing skills –
    §  Ability to make recommendations based on tracking and monthly up-date and propose solutions
    §  Spoken and written English
Goal : Guarantee the comprehensive processing of project data from Nutrition and Health Department under CMAM Project from processing (entry) through to analysis, and to formulate any recommendations and notifications required to improve the process.
Objectives of the Position:
Assignment 1: Data Management and Entry
ü  Develop/create  a data system/management for the Nutrition Department
ü  Check the quality of data to be entered and report any problems encountered;
ü  Evaluate the time required to process data and feedback on progress in processing;
ü  Enter data into the specialised software using consistent formatting, by monthly and tracking;
ü  Check data entered using the existing information data;
ü  Detect missing or redundant data and propose possible improvements;
ü Support the Nutrition Programme Manager and MHCP PM  with database quality control and inform him/her of any technical problems.
Assignment 2: Data archiving
ü  File questionnaires and IT data in an organised fashion that is accessible to all (clear file names, well organised files etc.);
ü  Code data;
ü  Perform daily back-up of data entered on a disk or CDRom. Or public server as necessary.
Assignment 3: Analyse data
ü  Collecting data  field workers that coming from Posyandu under 6 Puskesmas intervention and 3 Puskesmas non intervention (in coordination and collaboration with Nutrition and MHCP Field Workers)
ü  Sort and cross-check data;
ü  Create tables of statistics;  Trend of GAM and Stunting
ü  Develop ACCESS link to SMART survey data and other data requirements for care practices in health; nutrition and hygiene practice.
ü  Standardize key findings in integrated data from 3 different baseline surveys (SMART; community assessment and health facilities assessment)
ü  Draft reports of results based on data entered; in monthly, trend of nutritional
ü  Analyse strengths and weaknesses observed in the collection of data.
Assignment 4: Formulate recommendations and notifications on the data processing process
ü  Organise weekly meetings with field workers to raise any flaws in the field data collection process;
ü  Support Nutrition PM and MHCP PM to determine ways to improve the quality of data collection;
ü  Inform line manager as early as possible should flaws be observed in the data collection process;
ü  Provide clarification to line manager and Programme Coordinator on incoherencies observed during the analysis of data and part of decision made for further recommendation / action plan.
ü  Organize data reporting with coordination with Nutrition Program Manager, in monthly and quarterly basses.
Interest applicants to submit their letter of interest and update CV with references to Action Contre la Faim, by email : acfrecruitment@yahoo.fr  ; no later than  November 27th  2014 . Only short- listed  candidates will be contacted.

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