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Australia’s Education Partnership with Indonesia (the Education Partnership)

Organisational Goals
Australia’s Education Partnership with Indonesia (the Education Partnership) is currently the largest development assistance program funded by the Australian Government anywhere in the world. Through the Education Partnership Australia supports the Indonesian Government’s long-term strategy to strengthen and consolidate its national education system, with a particular focus on the current Indonesian five-year plan (2010 – 2014) and support for the initial stages of the subsequent five-year plan (2015 – 2019). The Education Partnership builds on the successes of previous Australian Government support to the Indonesian education sector by strengthening government systems. Under the Education Partnership, there are three managing contractors with the largest, School Systems and Quality (SSQ) contract, being managed by Cardno Emerging Markets.

Component 2 of the Education Partnership is delivered mainly through the Government of Indonesia’s systems using grant funding from the Government of Australia, through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The grant funding is used to support the development and implementation of a national system of professional development for education personnel (ProDEP). Component 2 provides technical assistance to the Ministry of Education and Culture (MoEC) and the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) as they implement ProDEP to develop the capacity of principals, supervisors and provincial and district education personnel.

Key Responsibilities
Component 2 works with MoEC to quality assure, monitor and evaluate ProDEP programs. The quality assurance and M&E processes result in the collection of large amounts of qualitative and quantitative data. The data need to be cleaned, managed and analysed so that the findings can be used in reports and to improve the quality and effectiveness of ProDEP activities.

The Data Analysts will work closely with the quality assurance team and the Component 2 M&E Adviser to manage, clean and analyse data, and to assist with the preparation of relevant reports.

The Data Analysts will be report to the Manager Component 2, through the Quality Assurance National Coordinator and will be responsible for:
1. Managing and coordinating the entry of quality assurance and M&E data.
2. Retrieving data from ODK software/server, checking and cleaning the data to ensure its accuracy and readiness for analysis.
3. Working with relevant advisers to analyse qualitative and quantitative data.
4. Assisting advisers to prepare reports based on the findings from data analysis.
5. Assisting with the design of quality assurance and M&E data collection strategies and instruments.
6. Other relevant duties as directed.

Other Requirements
Candidates for the Data Analyst positions will be required to demonstrate the following knowledge, skills and qualifications:
1. At least a bachelor (S1) degree in statistics, applied mathematics or related field.
2. Excellent computer skills in Microsoft EXCEL, Access and Word and high-level skills in using statistical analysis software such as SAS or SPSS.
3. Demonstrated capacity to manage and analyse qualitative and quantitative data sets.
4. Ability to contribute to the preparation of technical reports in English and Bahasa Indonesian.
5. Excellent written and oral communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia.
6. Capacity to communicate in written and spoken English.
7. Highly self-motivated and capacity to work independently and with minimal supervision.
8. Demonstrated capacity work as a member of a team.
9. Good understanding of ODK or similar software desirable

Duration of Contract:
National positions for 18 months from December 2014 with possibility of an extension.

How to Apply for This Position
1. Response against each of the Key requirements for the position
2. Curriculum vitae/resume.
3. Name and contact details (phone and email) of three referees.
4. Applications that do not address all the requirements stated above will not be considered.

Submitting Applications
1. By email: email your application with the reference " AEPI SSQ – Data Analysts" in the subject line to emergingmarkets.jakarta@cardno.com ; or
2. On-line application. Go to www.cardno.com/careers and search for this position. Click "Apply for this job" located at the end of the job description.

Application this position closes on 30 November 2014.
Late applications will not be considered and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Cardno Emerging Markets is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to child protection in all fields.
Australian Aid - managed by Cardno Emerging Markets on behalf of the Australian Government.

For enquiry, please email emergingmarkets.jakarta@cardno.com with reference "QUERY- AEPI SSQ –Data Analysts Position"

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