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Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program-1 (SIAP-1)

Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program-1 (SIAP-1), Indonesia
Information and Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer
Project Summary:
The objective of SIAP-1 is to contribute to good governance in Indonesia by strengthening integrity and accountability in government principally at the national level. It does this by supporting governmental and non-governmental efforts to strengthen integrity and accountability. Two major components of SIAP-1 are:
1. Supporting efforts by key accountability agencies such as the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and the Supreme Audit Body (BPK) to strengthen integrity and accountability in government.
2. Supporting efforts to strengthen political integrity and accountability by reducing the influence of money politics.” This includes support for efforts to strengthen the fair regulation of political finance and effective oversight and enforcement.
Position Summary:
The Information/M&E Officer reports to the Chief of Party (COP) and provides periodic feedback on measureable achievements towards targets of the Strengthening Integrity and Accountability Program-1 as detailed in the Project Description of the Cooperative Agreement with USAID. In the event of project slippage regarding these targets, this Officer will offer early warning that will trigger rethinking and adjustment of the project plan.
·         Provide support to update the Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP) and performance indicators within the last year of the project;
·         Write draft M&E reports for review by the COP and MSI Technical Director;
·         Ensure that M&E reports are produced on time and in a technically valid, high-quality manner;
·         Oversee the production of requested analyses of the data responding to requests from the USAID Mission in Indonesia;
·         Provide training to project staff on the PMP, the performance indicators, and how to collect the needed data;
·         Ensure that the project’s technical staff collect the required data for all performance indicators;
·         Support technical teams in working with partner organizations and grantees, helping them to collect and organize data on performance indicators; 
·         Ensure that the reporting data is collected in a technically correct manner and accurately reflect field realities and meet quality standards;
·         Organize and maintain effective and consistent data flow, system management, initial quality control, and production of initial basic analyses (trends, graphs, anomalous results, etc.).
·         Produce the quarterly results tables;
·         Suggest additional useful analyses and carry out research or supervise short-term TA as assigned.
·         Manage the project’s M&E system ensuring the accurate documentation and reporting of project results
·         Build strong working relationships with Government of Indonesia and civil society partners;
·         Oversee the M&E database ensuring data is entered accurately and is available for reports;
·         Conduct data verification exercises including data review and site visits (which may require travel throughout Indonesia);
·         Manage the repository of tools, guidelines and reference documents for M&E and other materials.
·         Coordinate the process of preparing quarterly and annual reports, including the collection and collation of component-based reports, integration of M+E data.
·         Track and advise program components on the sustainability indicators and their performance.

General provisions and limitations:
·         All final decisions related to this Project are made by the COP and MSI/HQ responsible and authorized personnel.
·         Any communication with USAID is the authority of the COP and MSI/HQ responsible and authorized personnel.
Application should include a cover letter, CV (including three references), current salary, expected salary, available start date and  contact number by November 28, 2014 at the latest.
Please send applications indicating ‘M&E Officer’ as the subject of your email addressed to recruitment@msi-siap.com. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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