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PACT is seeking qualified person to fill the position for Senior Grant Manager for  their Project, based in Jakarta. Please kindly link this website to apply :

Position Purpose
Pact is seeking a Senior Grants Manager for a USAID-funded project to oversee the management of grants to Indonesian civil society organizations working in the area of HIV/AIDS and capacity development. The Senior Grants Manager will be responsible for all aspects of the grant management process and financial oversight of the grants. S/he will play an important role in strengthening the capacity of Indonesian civil society through the administration and management of grants and provide technical assistance to strengthen financial management practices of grantees. S/he will be responsible for ensuring compliance with USAID rules and regulations and Pact’s policies. The Senior Grants Manager will manage a team of grants, finance and administration staff in Jakarta and three additional offices within Indonesia. This is a national positional The Senior Grants manager will report to the Chief of Party and work closely with Pact headquarters office in Washington DC.
Key Responsibilities
•Administer the full cycle of grants management which includes management of the solicitation process, pre-award assessments, negotiation, issuance of the sub-award, monitoring and compliance visits, and close-out procedures
•Lead and supervise the grants unit, and finance and administrative team in Jakarta and field offices
•Include applicable special award conditions in the sub-award agreements
•Select the appropriate type of grant agreement to the sub-grantee and ensure proper negotiation of the terms and conditions with the sub-grantees
•Ensure negotiations are documented via a negotiation memorandum so they become part of the internal grant files
•Review sub-grantee budgets and ensure that all proposed costs are allowable, reasonable, and allocable in accordance with applicable cost principles
•Coordinate with finance officer with review of financial reporting of grantees
•Lead the development of the sub-grantee monitoring plan
•Coordinate with Prime contractor team as needed during the program implementation
•Respond to issues that arise during the grants program implementation, including modifications, compliance with terms and conditions, and resolution of disputes
•Coordinate communications with the donor with Pact headquarters office when responding to inquiries regarding compliance or other needed clarification on terms and conditions from the prime award
•Prepare requests of prior approvals and coordinate submission with Pact headquarters, as necessary.
•Provide policy guidance and interpretation of the sub-award agreements for program staff, sub-grantees, and other relevant stakeholders
•Develop training materials and carry-out regular training with grantee partners, directly or through capacity development partners
•Ensure timely training of Pact staff to understand and comply with donor standards
•Ensure that information on all issued grants and contracts are properly filed and up to date and maintained within the Pact’s grants and contracts systems as directed by Pact headquarters, and that regular reports are provided to Pact's headquarters.
•Ensure that all sub-award files are maintained in an orderly way and stored as per Pact’s regulations.
•Perform other duties as assigned
Basic Requirements
•Bachelor’s degree in finance or management
•A minimum of five years of progressively responsible grants management experience
•Experience providing financial oversight to a project with a budget of at least $1 million
•Strong understanding of USAID grants and contracts policies and regulations
•Proven experience overseeing the full cycle of grants/sub-contracts management, including monitoring and compliance visits
•Experience in the administration and issuance of cost reimbursable agreements, and fixed obligation grants in accordance with USAID rules and regulations
•Competence using common desktop applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook
•Strong oral and written communication skills
•Fluency in English and Indonesian Bahasa
Preferred Qualifications
•Abilities in system and procedure development and use for managing complex programs
Experience with use of Serenic Navigator and CRM databases preferred

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