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Sustainable Landscapes Partnership (SLP)

Writers for SLP Annual Report and Project Report
The Sustainable Landscapes Partnership (SLP) is an innovative public-private partnership in Indonesia that brings governments, communities, businesses, and non-governmental organizations together to develop and test new approaches to land use planning and management. It is aimed at creating sustainable agricultural economic opportunities, while maintaining natural capital and avoiding deforestation and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Currently, SLP is working at three sites in Sumatera, namely Mandailing Natal (Madina), Tapanuli Selatan (TapSel), and Tapanuli Utara (TapUt) districts. SLP aims to establish a replicable model of public-private partnerships that foster low carbon development opportunities, thereby helping to address global climate change and contribute to economic growth. SLP is implemented by Conservation International and funded by the United States Agency for International Development and the Walton Family Foundation.
SLP requires 1 (one) short-term writer to write the SLP annual report and 1 (one) short- term writer to write the SLP project report.  
1.       Write original text of annual/project report as well as compile materials from existing monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and technical reports;
2.      Select photos from existing archive and write captions;
3.      Coordinate with SLP communications team to collect raw materials for the text;
4.      Visit SLP project sites to interview and collect data from field team and program partners (for project report writer);
5.      Edit the structure and grammar of the annual/project reports and ensure it is consistent with SLP Style Guide;
6.      Edit all attachments;
7.      Synch up the Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP) with the text in the narrative to ensure that it matches;
8.      Ensure consistent use of acronyms.
1.     Excellent written English skills;
2.    Experience in writing and editing annual/project reports for non-profit organization;
3.    Good understanding in conservation and sustainable development issues in Indonesia;
4.    Willing to travel to North Sumatera (for project report writer);
5.    Excellent MS Word and Excel formatting skills.
Interest individuals can send resume, and sample of writings
stating SLP Project Report Writer or SLP Annual Report Writer
in the subject no later than May 29 2015. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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