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Hivos is a Dutch non-governmental organization guided by humanist values. It aims at structural poverty alleviation with a strong focus on civil society building and sustainable economic development. Hivos provides financial support for local NGO's, is active in networking, lobbying and exchanging knowledge and expertise. For its Southeast Asia Regional Office in Jakarta, Hivos seeks qualified candidates for the position of:

Title : Coordinator/Senior Business Development Officer (C/SBDO) 

Green Food

Duty Station : Jakarta, Indonesia 

Duration : One year with possibility of extension

Report to : Regional Director

Functional context

The Coordinator/SBDO Green Food works in the Green Food cluster and be part of the programme or project team. The C/SBDO Green Food works in close liaison with everybody in the organization and in particular the managers, project/programme staff and Design, Monitoring and Evaluation (DME&L) Officer to mobilise all knowledge needed.

The final management responsibility rests with the Regional Director. However this position includes a coordination role to ensure communication and information exchange within the Green Food cluster and between other clusters within ROSEA, as well as individual performance appraisals of his/her team.

Roles and responsibilities:

A. Fundraising 

1. To develop strategic and long term sustainability portfolio for ROSEA, as well as smart business models and fundraising.

2. To identify and access funding sources for the program and together with Head Office and programme staffs, to develop and implement fundraising strategy to support a successful implementation of the program.

3. To provide input and contribute program highlights for funding proposals, communication materials etc. for stakeholders and audience, both in ROSEA and in Head Office.

4. To contribute to the fundraising possibilities with regards to the relevant themes.

5. To take lead on fundraising initiative in close coordination with programme staffs and finance department.

B. Managing portfolio

1. To develop business plans, conduct market research and lead prototyping activities.

2. To manage ROSEA portfolio, which includes processing proposals, preparing all of necessary documents and administrative handlings and monitoring partners (in coordination with Project Officer).

C. Planning, report-writing and project coordinating

1. To coordinate planning and report-writing of Green Food cluster at ROSEA which is in line with Hivos' global strategy.

2. To coordinate projects implementation for the Green Food cluster, ensuring consistency knowledge exchange among staff.

D. Representing the organization

1. To be responsible for creating and promoting innovative solutions that have the potential to contribute to the required transformation in Hivos' global food system.

2. To be able to connect to frontrunners and (potential) game changers and to work together with them to develop innovative programmes. 

3. To present Hivos' vision on Green Societies in an attractive and leading way during conferences and seminars.

E. Coordinating Green Food cluster

1. To provide input to the financial planning, budgeting, performance, capacity development and risks management of projects.

2. To contribute and support to the other possible expansion and thematic programs which aims to the improvement of organization.

3. To contribute to ROSEA overall organizational and policy development.

4. To be a reliable and supportive team member to the whole team.

Knowledge, experiences and competencies

* An advanced degree in a relevant field at University level.
* At least five years of working experience in the field of food and agriculture.
* A strong affinity for Hivos' mission and for social and environmental concerns and you are driven by a strong motivation to contribute to real and lasting change.
* Able to 'think outside the box' and connect to various actors to develop new solutions that have the ability to transform Hivos' global food system.
* Have a convincing track-record in program development, resource mobilization and facilitating of multi-actor initiatives.
* Experience with developing smart business models is also an asset.
* Excellent - externally oriented - communication skills, both verbally and in writing in English.

What do we offer? 

An inspiring and dynamic working environment, dedicated colleagues and the possibility to work for an ambitious new international initiative of Hivos programmes.

How to apply?

To apply for this position please submit:

* A cover letter expressing motivation for the position.
* A CV, no more than 4 (four) pages, that highlights how the candidate meets the expected qualifications.

To: no later than Friday, 13 February 2015.

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