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Kopernik is an exciting, fast-growing, cutting-edge organisation tackling technology distribution challenges. We emphasise a hybrid philanthropy-business model in achieving our mission - different from the traditional charity approach of giving away goods and services for free.
Our team works tirelessly to put the last mile first. Our culture shapes the way we work. We value action, we get things done, we are open and transparent in everything we do, and we always look for ways to innovate. We come to work with a smile, which is easy when a strict no jerks policy applies.


The role will work with our team on the Wonder Women Eastern Indonesia program, making clean energy technologies available in remote communities through a network of Tech Agents and Tech Kiosks. Tech Agents are local women entrepreneurs who sell life-changing technologies, such as water filters, cookstoves and solar lights, within their communities, earning a margin from each sale. Tech Kiosks are existing small shops (warung) which sell these simple technologies alongside everyday goods, also earning a margin from each technology sale. Kopernik supplies technologies on consignment to these micro-entrepreneurs and provides a suite of training and support to help them succeed. Many Tech Kiosks and Tech Agents are based in remote areas with little or no access to telecommunications or internet.
We are looking for a Social Marketing Officer to:
  1. Make it desirable for micro-entrepreneurs with high potential to join the Tech Agent/Tech Kiosk program.
  2. Build demand for Kopernik’s range of clean energy technologies (solar lights, water filters, clean cookstoves).
  • At least 4 years experience in social marketing and behaviour change campaigns with portfolio of previous work
  • Degree in a relevant discipline
  • A commitment to Kopernik’s values and reaching underserved communities
  • Current with latest technical knowledge, research and programming in social marketing and behaviour change strategies
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Indonesian
  • Impact and data focused
  • Willing to get hands dirty and spend a lot of time in the field
  • Flexible and adaptable with an innovative mindset
  • Excellent management and organisational skills
  • Research existing barriers to widespread adoption of clean energy technologies (focusing on solar lights, water filters and clean cookstoves) by target communities. 
  • Research existing barriers to joining the Tech Agent and Tech Kiosk program. 
  • Identify appropriate communication channels to communicate with potential Tech Agents, Tech Kiosk operators and customers. 
  • Develop clear and appropriate messaging, tools and materials which communicate technology benefits aligned with consumer priorities and aspirations. 
  • Develop clear and appropriate messaging, tools and materials which communicate benefits of becoming a Tech Agent or Tech Kiosk operator. 
  • Develop and pilot a marketing campaign to build trust in and demand for clean energy technologies distributed by Kopernik.
  • Identify key influencers who can promote the Kopernik brand.
  • Work with Kopernik’s monitoring and evaluation team to develop a system to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns, ensure social marketing efforts are tested quickly and feedback is used to strengthen these efforts.
Please send your CV, cover letter and one minute video explaining why you're perfect for the job via our online application form - http://kopernik.info/job-enquiry
Applicants who are interviewed successfully will be expected to complete a test which demonstrates the necessary skills.
Ubud, Bali with extensive travel in Eastern Indonesia
Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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