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Court Budgeting

Project Tittle: Development of Rational Model(s) for Court Performance Based Budgeting

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Application Deadline: 30 June 2015
Duration of Contract: 6 months

A.   Background
Court Budgeting focus on the issue of financing Indonesia’s judiciary. As indicated in the Blueprint Justice Reform 2010-2035, the Mahkamah Agung is now responsible for judicial administration and budget that stretches from the MA headquarters into all of Indonesia’s regions. The Supreme Court during budget discussions with Government mentioned several times that there is issue of budget sufficiency and distribution where some courts cannot operate in an effective manner due to the lack of a precise preparation of the budget allocation. Based on the conditions in accordance with the legislation in force, the Mahkamah Agung should strengthen its budgetary management. Consequently, the Blueprint clearly states that “...the success in the independent management of performance-based budget allocated proportionally in the State Budget is one of the important factors that enable the realization of Indonesian Judicial Court of Excellence”. 

The Supreme Court needs to have instrument to develop appropriate performance-based budgeting. In the Netherlands the Council for the Judiciary determines the budget priorities using assessment methods that measure indicators to assess the performance of the courts. Following this example, it is intended to develop a methodology for introducing a performance-based court budgeting in Indonesia as well. The activities will be conducted under the Supreme Court as the main beneficiaries with close coordination with the National Agency of Planning and Development (Bappenas).

B.   Objective 
To elaborate and develop models for a modern court administration system in Indonesia and in particular with regard to performance-based court budgeting.

C.   Specific Tasks
· To actively involved and assist the Mahkamah Agung to conduct research for development of policy paper
·   To prepare instrument and methodology for research;
·  To collect data and literatures, to conduct field research, and collect relevant information needed as part of research;
·    To prepare draft and written materials as part of research.

D.   Expected results
The concrete result of the component is a Concept Paper of Rational Model of court performance based budgeting.

E.    Timing
The program will be carried out from July 2015 and end by January 2015 and can be extended if needed.

F.    Criteria of Candidate
Candidate can be group of individuals, NGOs, associations, foundations, networks, consortiums and academic institution. Candidate should submit a proposal on how to implement the activities.

The candidate is preferably have the following qualifications:
1)      Experience in preparing, organizing and drawing up research papers according to the above outline;
2)      Have practical experiences in the judicial system of Indonesia and working with the courts, especially in the area of judicial reforms and reorganization of the court system.
3)      Have experiences and knowledgeable on policy development and policy advocacy, preferably in the area of budget or resources management of state institution.

The duration of the proposed activities should be for a maximum of 6 months. Although the program can be more than 6 months but this first round of program ideas will be limited to 6 months.

The recruitment is opened for individual consultant or a group of individual consultants. Interested candidates should submit a proposal which provide a brief explanation of the activities to implement the project and the fee offered, including name(s) of the team supported by a CV of each members of the team. Please send all documents to: no later than 29 June at 10 am. Please put “Court Budgeting” on the subject of your email. Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.

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