Senin, 22 Juni 2015

Yayasan Sosial Agustinus (YSA)

Senior Field Facilitator  (SFF) - Water and Sanitation Program


As part of BP (British Petroleum) commitment to improve health status of community in Kabupaten Teluk Bintuni, BP in partnership with Yayasan Sosial Agustinus (YSA) work together with Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Teluk Bintuni to deliver community health programs related to Water Sanitation, Malaria Control, MCH, TB and HIV. BP support through Public Environmental Health has been provided since 2004. These programs deliver to community with  respecting local values.
BP through YSA partnership is willing to initiate STBM Pilars to be applied in Teluk Bintuni surrounding. However water sanitation program has been facing geographical and social challenges to be improved. To accelerate program result and impact, YSA is seeking qualified Senior Field Facilitator (SFF) of Water Sanitation program. This position will be based in Kota Bintuni, Kabupaten Teluk Bintuni, Papua Barat with frequent field visit to Teluk Bintuni area.

Job Description

-          Responsible to provide technical and management inputs to ensure the progress meets the project objectives based on established criteria and indicators.
-          Responsible for program data management, including its analysis and feedback
-          Timely to collect data from field and Field Facilitator (FF), including survey or emergency report
-          Timely and quality report program to Public Environment Health (PEH) Advisor or Health Manager as requested
-          Routine field visit to monitor and evaluate program activities and provision FF performance
-          With Program Manager to provide strategy and material to build FF capacity
-          Involve in preparation and implementation of training, workshop, socialization and public campaign
-          Provide design and production of IEC media or campaign strategy
-          Liaison with stakeholders to coordinate and provide advocacy effort at any level
-          Handling Program Manager tasks when necessary


·         Degree in Public Health or Civil Engineering
·         More than 5 years professional working experience in Water Sanitation program
·         Excellent computer skill
·         Preferable excellent English in writing and communication
·         Experience working in Papua and with Papua community will be a benefit for the candidate

How to Apply

Please send your CV and a cover letter detailing your professional experience work to  by 30 June 2015. Please kindly add three referrences and its contacts details in your CV.

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