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Psychologist (Code: PSY)
Bali-Flores Area

SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia is a part of SOS-Kinderdorf International which is an international umbrella organization of national associations. It is a non-governmental, non-political, non-denominational and non-profit social development organization, working exclusively in the public interest. Its objectives are:
-          To provide specialist care and support for orphaned and abandoned children through the SOS Children’s Villages.
-          To support children, young persons and families in need through the establishment of social centers, schools and vocational training centers.
-          To advocate and promote the rights of children throughout the world.
-          To work with international organizations, and promote world-wide understanding and exchange of knowledge on child care issues.
-          To serve as a model of long-term family based care.
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  1. Provide support and coordinate the management of human resources from the recruitment process (identification of recruitment needs, job advertising, selection and administration, interviews, psychological test administration and reporting psychological test); orientationintegration (support mothers to fulfill the role and skills requirements); development (develope the competencies of the mothers) and pensions(prepare pensions for mothers and prepare another mother who will be replace at least one year earlier); as well as HR administration documents (status of the mother, leave, etc.) to the Village Director and Department HROD so the management of human resources for the position of mother can run optimally
  2. Mentoring mothers on child and family issues, personal development and relationships within the work environment to support them in their role as mothers optimally
  3. Assist Village Director to plan, monitor and evaluate work plan (Family Development Discussion) together with the mother so that the mother can work effectively and efficiently
  4. Responsible for the production of bulletins in the area of responsibility so that all information can be disseminated and relationships the mothers of some of the village can be established optimally
  5. Provide and coordinate assistance to children regarding developmental disabilities, psychological etc. to help the mother to perform its role optimally
  6. Expand the network to other institutions that have the same focus with SOS effectively (other NGO, local communities, government etc)

1.      Max 40 years old
2.      Min degree in Psychology (Psychologist will be prioritized)
3.      Min 3 years experience in field of counselling and dealing with group dynamics (experience in  NGO is advantage)
4.      Have skills in terms of recruitment, the intervention group (such as training, etc.), coaching, mentoring,
5.      Master in english written and verbal
6.      Has the ability to write articles
7.      Humble, dynamic, adaptive, flexible, communicative, persuasive and have good interpersonal relationships
8.      Ready to travel

Interested applicants should send their application via e.mail to (Max 300KB) latest by June 30, 2015. It is must for all the applicants to mention the designation in the subject line of e.mail while sending their application.

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