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National Sponsorship Coordinator (Code: NSPO)

SOS Children’s Villages Indonesia is a part of SOS-Kinderdorf International which is an international umbrella organization of national associations. It is a non-governmental, non-political, non-denominational and non-profit social development organization, working exclusively in the public interest. Its objectives are:
-          To provide specialist care and support for orphaned and abandoned children through the SOS Children’s Villages.
-          To support children, young persons and families in need through the establishment of social centers, schools and vocational training centers.
-          To advocate and promote the rights of children throughout the world.
-          To work with international organizations, and promote world-wide understanding and exchange of knowledge on child care issues.
-          To serve as a model of long-term family based care.
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The National Sponsorship Coordinator:
  1. To implements the necessary organisational systems and procedures so that the sponsorship programme runs smoothly
  2. Cooperate with International Sponsorship Office to identify areas in sponsorship work that should be developed and take action to improve them
  3. To ensure that sponsorship works within the country runs smoothly according to the International Sponsorship Services Manual
  4. Make annual plans to ensure that all necessary duties are carried out within the set period of time

  1. Implementing the measures required to provide sponsors with a reliable service
  2. Provides training and guidance for the other staff involved in sponsorship activities, and ensures continuity in the processing of sponsorship work by ensuring that co-workers adhere to to their annual schedule
  3. Provides the International Sponsorship Office with new or updates information and recent photographs of children and young people, registrations, transfers and departures, and facility reports
4.      Co-operate with International Sponsorship Office so as to reply to sponsors’ queries efficiently and thoroughly.
5.      Provides written input to the village sponsorship co-worker‘s performance appraisal, which is conducted by the village director
6.      The sponsorship co-ordinator visits each village at least once a year


1.      Possesses education geared towards business administration, fundraising or languages
2.      Has strong affinity to fund development and communication
3.      Shows motivation for quality assurance
4.      Is able to identify with the vision, mission and values of SOS Children's Villages
5.      Thinks and acts in a strategic way and is open to innovation and change
6.      Has excellent written and spoken English skills
7.      Has excellent computer literacy
8.      Has a strong customer orientation (optional: experience in the servicing industry);Possesses excellent organisational skillLikes working in an international setting and with customers from varying cultural backgroundsHas an interest in child protection topicsIs able to represent the area of sponsorship services within the national association
9.      Is a good communicator with excellent oral and written communication skillsCan design and create innovative, inspiring messages for sponsors and donorsHas an eye for design and layoutIs able to convey complex issues in written communication with donors (optional: experience in emergency/crisis communication)
10.  Likes working with or within a team and virtual team Is able to build, guide and plan with a team of sponsorship co-workers at programme levelHas the ability to build and maintain structures and networksIs able to design, organise and hold workshops to implement global guidelines and requirement
11.  Is result-oriented and self-reflective, determined, innovative and pro-activeShows social competence and is an excellent networker

Interested applicants should send their application via e.mail to (Max 300KB) latest by July 8, 2015. It is must for all the applicants to mention the designation in the subject line of e.mail while sending their application.

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